Friday, January 23, 2009

New or Used RV?

It depends. Pam and I have talked at length about both options and could do either, given the right circumstances.

  • We know the make model and floorplan of what we want: Tiffin Phaeton 40QTH
  • We could get a full warranty
  • The RV dealership will help us get underway (checked out so we know how everything operates)
  • Dealership reputation is on the line
  • We have a service department and a person we can call
  • The RV is going to depreciate significantly the first couple of years
  • New units always have bugs to work out
  • Some of last year's options are this year's 'standard' features (e.g. chrome outside mirrors)
  • Easier to finance (but we are not going that route)
  • We probably can get a better deal; cost less
  • It is a great time to pick up someone who wants to unload a 'non-essential' item
  • May not have the exact floorplan or all the options we want
  • We will get more RV and space for your dollars
  • Will likely be 'broken in' and have fewer 'bugs' if it is a couple of years old
  • Might be able to have the unit before we move out of our house and avoid temporary quarters and storage
  • May end up with someone else's problems
  • Usually available 'As Is' and warranty must be purchased separately if not covered by factory
  • Able to ask about an older RV via online forums and get feedback from current owners
As you can see there are many considerations and advantages of either. At the moment, I would hope we could find a used RV primarily because of cost.

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  1. Hi Guys...

    I know this is a tough decision. The Phaeton is our 4th motor home and we have always bought new. We did have several bugs to work through on this one, but the Dutchstar had none. However, by the time we traded it in this past year it was needing a little tender loving care on a few items.

    Whatever you guys decide on will be the right choice for you. We are enjoying your journey to fulltiming.