Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Visit to Desert Hot Springs

Pam and I took a drive to Desert Hot Springs yesterday to see if we could meet Rick and Paulette. We didn't schedule anything with them and didn't leave until after lunch. We were interested in getting back home in time to see the Eagles - Cowboys game.

Google Maps tells me we were 42 miles away from their RV campground at Sands RV resort in Desert Hot Springs. I forgot the directions I wrote out and also did not bring the map, but we figured, 'How hard can it be to find the place?'.

It was not too hard but once we got into town, we had to find the Visitor's Center in order to get a map. The Vistor's Center in Desert Hot Springs was co-located at the Cabot Pueblo Museum. It was a interesting place that was built by Cabot Yerxa over a period of 24 years.

"The Cabot Pueblo museum preserves the rugged frontier spirit of the pioneer days in the Coachella Valley. It also preserves the history of the life of Cabot Yerxa. His was a life of astonishing adventure, travel, long work and individualism.
It is estimated that the basic construction of the Pueblo took Cabot seven years and a total of 23 years continuous building before he died, leaving it yet unfinished. For twenty years, Cabot and his wife Portia worked and created pictorial, verbal and mental images of their lives at the Pueblo. Cabot died in 1965 at the age of 81 after spending more than 52 years working to make the desert a better place to live--for him, for others."

With our map in hand, we had no trouble getting over to Sands RV and Golf Resort.
We were able to find their spot because Rick had posted it in his blog a few days earlier. They are from British Columbia and arrived a few days ago. They have been coming back to Desert Hot Springs during the winter for the last few years.

We found Rick at home with his two dogs-Molly & Rylie. He was very flexible and accommodating with two surprise guests! We were able to chat for quite a while and enjoy his company. It was great to meet him.
We have been 'blogging buddies' for a while so we made sure to take a couple of pictures. I think 'met' by virtue of the RV-Dreams group that has a regular chat session online. He has a great blog I read daily.

Rick is retired from Cowichan Bay, B.C. and was the city IT manager for the city of Victoria. So he knows technology. He has been a frequent help to some questions I have had about, "how do I do this or that? on the blog or comuputer..."

Paulette is a quilter and has quite a following on her blog as well. When we arrived, she was at the store so we almost missed her. But she drove up as we were leaving and we at least got to say "Hi".

Maybe our paths will cross again sometime. Hope so. They are nice people and it was a real treat to meet them.--Another fun benefit of the RV full-timing lifestyle. Meeting interesting people and making new friends!

On the way back to Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, we stopped for a few pictures of the large number of windmills in the area.
This may be the highest concentration of them we have ever seen.

After getting back to the Roadrunner, we watched the Cowboys beat the Eagles again. I also did some more work online and we went to bed.

Thank you for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today!


  1. We loved the Twenty-Nine Palms area especially because of its proximity to Joshua Tree NP.

  2. Randy and Pam, thanks again for taking the time to visit us in Desert Hot Springs, I really enjoyed our visit and it's just too bad that Paulette was out and didn't get back until you were leaving. You are the first RV blogger that I've ever met, in person, so that was kind of neat. Also, thanks for the info on the Cabot Pueblo Mission here. We've never been to it, but it is now on our list of places to visit.

  3. Well, if you and Paulette would come on to Texas you could meet a whole congregation of folks. LOL

    Glad you had the chance to meet Randy and Pam. We have had the opportunity to meet up with them a couple of times. They are great folks.

  4. Randy, I see you've included a picture of one of Peter Wolf Toth's giant American Indian carvings. Don't know if you know he has created at least one in every state to honor the plight of the American Indian. He does this gratis, and even comes back to refurbish if the state asks him to. We've seen a few of them -- and they are all spectacular and different representing the area they are built.

  5. nice photos ....Love Soo and Bob