Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

First, let me say Happy New Year! to all our family and friends.
And THANK YOU Roadrunner Chronicles readers for making this past year so memorable. We are blessed that you take your time to read about our activities and engage with us in that way.

I am amazed at the power and presence of social media and being able to get acquainted with so many neat people out there. More than once during the last year we have been blessed with new friends because of the Roadrunner Chronicles.

Next, as 2009 comes to a close, I reflect
on some of the terrific highlights of the year:

-The process of getting our house ready to sell and onto the market was exciting, fun, hard work.

-Our transition from working full time to working part time and having opportunities online has been great.

-Answered prayer (and some of YOUR prayers) in seeing our kids work through issues of health, at work, school, relocating, new jobs, new well as selling our own house and finding our 'retirement' home (the Roadrunner).

-Being able to see family in all parts of the country, meeting new people, seeing old friends and being able to reconnect--it has been something for which we are deeply grateful.

-Getting some hands-on experience with volunteer opportunities that energize us such as Habitat for Humanity and NOMADs.

-Seeing some spectacular scenes of beauty across this country and Canada.

-Learning as we go and spending our new life together as full-timers.

-Having significant time with our kids again, traveling and being with them in their new places.

Also, as we look ahead, here are some of my goals for 2010:

-Continuing to add quality to our lives as full-timers.

-Growing as an individual with more discipline in the use of my time, talent and energies.

-Becoming more of a grace-giver to others. Loving others more.

-Getting more healthy and fit (what New Years resolution doesn't have that in it??) :)

-Cultivating a godly legacy.

In closing, I hope your football team wins today and that you are looking at 2010 with hope, health and happiness!


  1. The Bayfield Bunch wishes you folks all the best in the New Year:))

  2. Randy and Pam
    Mike and I wish you all the best New Year ever! I really enjoyed reading your reflections of 2009 and was touched and motivated myself with your goals for 2010.
    We are blessed to have met you guys and become friends. Friends are golden and we treasure each one in our lives. We hope to meet up again very soon...besides someone has to beat Pam at Mexican Train!! We plan to join NOMADS now that the new year has started. Mike knew we weren't going to be moving much for a few months so he didn't want to waste that membership time. Who knows maybe we will be on a build together one day.
    You all take care, continue to travel safely and keep in touch.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Here' hoping 2010 brings everyone peace, happiness and properity.