Sunday, January 3, 2010

More Table Time etc

Bob got tee times for Moreno Valley Ranch Golf Club where he regularly plays. It is a challenging golf course and very well maintained.
Bob & Ryan and Pam & I made up a foursome. One of the first things I noticed after we got there was that I did not have my memory card in my camera. Ugh-- no pictures of the golf...

Nevertheless it was a spectacular day and we had a wonderful time! (We even played pretty well.)

After golf, we stopped at Lake Perris State Recreational Area which is only a couple of miles from the golf course.
It was a bit expensive at $35/night but is an option for us next time we visit the area.

We returned to Bob's house and continued with the computer table. Pam got the palm sander and went to work.
Bob trimmed up the two side pieces and got those sanded.
Soo stopped in the garage for a few minutes with her friend Marilyn to see how things were going.Pam pre-drilled the holes for the piano hinges while Bob lined up and attached the folding supports.
We took a break for dinner in the kitchen where we found Ryan, Katieanne and Hillary who were helping Soo get ready with Sloppy Joes.
After a quick bite, we returned to the wood-shop and began staining the table. We were trying to match the stain to the interior of the Roadrunner.
We will have to see how close we come after we put a number of clear coats of polyurethane on top of the cherry stain.
We figured we have put about eight hours of work into this computer table project so far. Things will slow down over the next couple of days to let the stain and varnish dry.

Later in the evening, Nate and Angela stopped by with Jake. They drove up from Whittier and it was nice to show them the Roadrunner and spend a little more time with them.
After their visit we pretty much called it a night. Thanks for spending a portion of your weekend viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles.

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  1. I'm thinking you and Pam could go into the table making business! Looks great.