Monday, January 4, 2010

Nice Sunday

Pam and I went to Bob & Soo's church in Redlands. The service at Trinity Evangelical Free Church began at 9:30 AM. We arrived on time and enjoyed the service.
The pastor, Dr. Gary Inrig, preached on the hymn "How Firm a Foundation" - God's promise of his presence as we enter a new year. It was one of the best messages we have heard since we have been full-timers.

Next, we stopped by a swap meet in San Bernardino that was a little disappointing. We didn't get there until after noon and many were already packing up. The best time to go to these things usually is about 8:00 or so.

We then went by our old neighborhood in San Bernardino and saw the house we lived in from 1986-1988. It was not exactly as we remembered...but what house is after 20+ years?
The shrub at the corner of the front yard used to be a teddy bear, but it has not been groomed to look like one in many years...

We went back to Bob & Soo's and for the rest of the day. Our computer table is coming along. Bob put on some cherry stain to darken it a little more to to see if we could match it to the interior of the Roadrunner.
It takes a long time to dry. We're not sure if the varnish will have enough time to dry before we leave tomorrow.

Yesterday was Soo's parents 69th wedding anniversary and we went to a local restaurant to celebrate. (The ribbon on the Happy Anniversary Balloon is dangling down the middle of the picture.)
They are such nice people. When we lived here years ago they had us over for Thanksgiving dinner a number of times. They look great for being 90! It was a neat time.

We watched Office at Bob and Soo's after that and took another look at the computer table before
Pam and So0 sat in front of Bob's fire going and we watched The Office with them and Hillary and Adam and Meghan.
We went back to the Roadrunner and talked for a little while before we went to bed.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles! Have a great week!

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  1. The computer table looks really nice! I am sure you will enjoy it in the Roadrunner. Having all the right equipment sure does help, doesn't it?

    You all take care and travel safely!