Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Day at Quartzsite

We went to the Quartzsite "Big Tent" and walked around to see what we couldn't do without. :)
Or those things that were a little different and unique.

One thing we found was 'Rescue Tape'. I have a little trouble paying $20 for three rolls of tape. But the product looks like a real good one.
It is a cross between electrical tape and duct tape. One it is on, it doesn't look like it will come off. We will be here for a few more days so we will see. I have had a couple of sewer hose issues that this looks like it will fix.

Pam saw a fruit basket that she wanted to get at the Silver Rain Bird, Inc display. We met Tim Honnell, the owner who is from Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Turns out he grew up in Santa Fe as did I. But he graduated from Santa Fe High School a few years later than me... :) We got a basket one of those baskets on the table that was holding his beads. It now holds oranges in the Roadrunner.

No product show is complete with out a vegetable knife or 'vegematic' type chopper thing. And we saw a few of those.
The 'hose nozzle' was a little pricey but it looked like a good idea.

After a couple hours at the big show and walking around, we returned to the Roadrunner. Paul come over and offered to take me on a ride with him on his Razor ATV.
It was a lot of fun going off road. Those things are not as scary as I thought they were. They are very popular out here at Quartzsite. Out of our group of 35 rigs, I will bet there were 10 of those Polaris ATVs. It makes it pretty easy to get around and this is sure the right part of the country to do the off-roading thing.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner today. Hope your week is going well!


  1. Quartzsite looks pretty much the same as always - it's a gizmo and gadget paradise! Thanks for the pics too, now I really don't have to go this year!

  2. We have used the Rescue Tape and it works great!!

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  4. Randy,
    Thanks for the thoughts on the RoadRunner Chapel. As a Bible Teacher for adults in our church, I am always interested in how people communicate from the Bible and "So what?" is a really good question. Isn't that also the ultimate question of our lives??