Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank You Roadrunner Chronicles Readers

Thank you Roadrunner Chronicles readers!

And thank you to the 72 people who recently signed up to 'Follow' the Roadrunner Chronicles!
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Awhile back I decided to pick a goal of 100 Followers by the end of the year (2009). We do not have that yet, but I am confident we will soon.

I started WarnerRVnews on Nov 8, 2008 I had no idea this would grow to be such a fun thing to do. It astounds me to think that over 5,000 people have viewed this over the last 15 months. In fact , Google Analytics says there have been 5,543:
Google Analytics tells me we also have had 3772 visits (hits) in the last 30 days. I find that amazing.
Google Analytics also shows that people have found the Roadrunner Chronicles from 19 countries. To those readers overseas, I say welcome to you too! Of those visits, I can see that 1,103 are Absolute Unique Visitors meaning that is how many individuals accessed the blog in the last 30 days.

Many of you folks also blog -- what 'widget' or 'application' or 'gadget' do you use to generate statistics about your site?

Yesterday I took our Honda CRV in to the local Honda dealer to check out a faint 'wobble wobble wobble' sound. I thought it might be the front end, or alignment or bearings.

The mechanic took it for a test drive with me and thought it was the bearing or tires. They put it up on the rack and also said they used the stethoscope. It apparently is the tires but no big deal. They were overinflated a bit. Everything else checked out fine, there is no damage and no danger of any damage.

He also indicated the tires may be 'cupping' a bit. I have never heard of that. Have any of you out there had that happen?

Pam went shopping with Hillary and Soo while I did three loads of wash. I also went through the mail, did some online bill paying and Pam returned shortly after lunch. We went back to Bob & Soo's for dinner, over to Costco for a few things then came back to the coach.

It has been a wonderful time with Bob & Soo and their family. It is a real blessing to have good friends like them and to be able to see them and do some neat things (woodworking, golf etc). This has definitely been a terrific visit.

We will be back over the weekend to attend church and pick up the computer table. It needs another coat or two of polyurethane/varnish.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today. Hope your week is going well!


  1. Thank you Randy and Pam for publishing an interesting and fun blog to read! It is a pleasure to one of your "followers" and we look forward to reading more about your life in the Roadrunner. Have a great day!

    We use sitemeter for stats.

  2. OOPS...forgot the word "BE" in previous comment. Sometimes my fingers go faster than my brain. Well, actually they always do!

  3. Randy,
    Cupping of the tires comes from an out of alignment or over/under inflation. If it is cupping on the outside, then you can feel the cupping on the oouter edge of the tire tread, If the cupping is on the inside, then you can feel the cupping on the inside of the tread of the wheel.
    Watch for over / under inflation, they can ruin the life of a tire.
    Hope you guys are having warmer weather out there and are doing good.
    Take care!
    Mike Jones

  4. I have heard of it on 4 wheel drive trucks. It generally means it is time to rotate the tires and let them wear themselves even.