Thursday, January 7, 2010

Twenty Nine Palms

The weather has been great for the last week. It continued as we pulled out of our site in Redlands, CA and made our way to Twenty Nine Palms, USMC Base, California.

The two hour ride went fine. The region has a lot of desert (as in desolate) scenery. It reminded me of Albuquerque and Tucson in some ways.

The RV campground is adjacent to a housing area and is paved with concrete driveways, a carport covering, and a shed at many of the sites. That, along with full hookups, makes this a great place to stay for a few days. The campsites have plenty of room also.
The base has a lot of shelters and canopies at the nearby parks and housing areas. I have never seen that before--I guess they have a number of permanent residents here. It must get pretty hot here in the summer.

I think being here for has already improved my fitness. I walk around a little taller and straighter and 'suck it in' a little bit more. Something about seeing all these young men and women running around in formation---kind of motivates you to get with it.

We have driven around and found some walking trails in the foothills we will have to check out. They also have two gyms and a bowling alley. Yesterday while Pam went for a long walk, I went for run. It feels good to be getting some exercise again.

We also played some golf at the base golf course. Shortly before our tee time, we saw a friendly roadrunner:
He walked around the parking lot near us which allowed me to get a close up.

The course was nearly empty, so we played 18 in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. It was a beautiful day. We were both hitting the ball pretty well and had our best scores in quite a while.
One thing we'll remember is the heavy armor which 'decorates' the course. Nothing like a reminder to what is going on elsewhere in the world. Haven't seen tanks and anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) on a golf course before.

The sunsets here are different everyday and all are breathtaking.

I say "Wow!" to myself alot these days...

Thank you again for making the Roadrunner Chronicles part of your day. Have a great weekend.


  1. Nice!

    Grace guys (Hossink, Ross, Boettcher, John Warren, Wilfred, Bub) golf outing Scottsdale April 29-May 1 or 2. Come join us!

  2. Randy/Pam,
    I like your sunset pics, and I agree, the more we stop and see God's beauty all around the more "wow". It's ashamed we were too busy befroe to see it.
    Hope youi guys are doing well and looks to be warmer there than here.

  3. Wow! A run! Shelters for your car! Golf! Roadrunners! beautiful sunsets! Sounds like you guys are having a better time there than in Redlands! Just Kidding. Miss you guys.
    ps. those sunset pics are really amazing!