Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leaving New Friends, Meeting More at Quartzsite AZ

Part of my motivation in writing the Roadrunner Chronicles is to give readers a sense of what it is like out here in 'RV-land'. When Pam and I researched the lifestyle we found some full-timers that shared their experiences and helped us imagine what our life would be like. Hopefully this does that for some of you...

Today on the Roadrunner Chronicles I will recap the last couple of days. Part of what we are feeling out here is the inability to absorb it all--and to be able to process it. Taking pictures and writing about it helps--so thanks for being a part of the Roadrunner Chronicles.

The Departure from Twentynine Palms and and Travel Day through the Mojave Desert:

Before we left Twentynine Palms we wanted to meet Rollie and Gina. We came across their blog and got in touch with them when we were in the San Diego area. We followed them and understood they were driving in from LA. Did realize it was LA-- as in Louisiana.

The day before we met them they had driven 14 hours and got to Blythe, CA! They pulled into Twenty nine Palms about 10:00 and we had a great visit with them.
They were there to see there youngest son Thomas who is a Marine and finishing up training at the USMC base. We look forward to spending more time with them in the coming weeks. We are not sure where that will be, but may be in the Tucson or Phoenix area.

Our drive to Quartzsite took us through a lot of desert country.
Once we got near Quartzsite, we began to see RVs all over the countryside. Estimates say that up to 100,000 RVers converge on this town during the Annual RV show. These pictures hardly do justice to the thousands that we saw.
Our group of Tiffin owners picked out an area of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) La Posa South area and we found them pretty easily. We parked and got set up.
The first night there was nothing scheduled but we mingled with some folks. One of the first people we met were Steve and Karen. They are new Tiffin owners and are from Sacramento.
They plan to start full-timing next summer. It was good to meet them.

On Friday, we went into town and realized this is the biggest Swap Meet we have ever seen! It is amazing. Hard to describe but there are just lots and lots of things to see.We met John and Carole at a booth where they are selling memberships to Passport America. We already are members but enjoyed talking with them and hearing some of their stories. John was a DJ for 40 years.
We found some buffalo hides for sale--only $675.
We saw more than one kitchen tool demo, a guy on a Segway, Kyle cooking brats and another guy on a bike.
There was tie dyed shirts and scarves, rocks, wood carvings and decorative gourds.
And a herd of turtles.
More arts and crafts, walking sticks, a Dollar Store, and a guy selling $8 haircuts.
And food and Rocky Watson with some songs and entertainment.
Back at our campground with the Tiffin Group, we had a 'Meet and Greet' in the late afternoon.
If was fun to sit around and talk with folks (including Paul and Peyton). Later, they started the campfire and hung around until dark.

We checked out and went back to the Roadrunner as the sun was going down.
We'll have more from Quartzsite. This is an amazing place and we are excited to be here! Thank you for joining us!

If you haven't left a comment in a while, we'd love to here from you!

What is the temperature where you are?


  1. Glad you're enjoying QZ - it is definitely a place every RV'er has to visit at least once for the experience!

  2. Hi Randy and Pam, Cross Country bicycle tour passed near Quartsite and Yuma AZ where I grew up is just down the road. Fond memories. The desert can grow on you. And the stars..... Just amazing. Enjoy. Gil

  3. When I click your pics they are no longer blowing up. I miss that feature. Root Beer and ice cream are what I'd most desperately need in Quartsite! I also did some rock hounding here. Gil

  4. The big Q is a pretty amazing place isn't it?! Don't spend all of your retirement $ there, but then again, don't pass up some of those items that you will ONLY find there. Enjoy - Your presence is probably bringing the average age wayyyyyyyy down. See you soon.

  5. We did a little tour of Quartzsite a couple of weeks ago. Interesting, isn't it? Probably won't need to go back.

    We're on the central coast of California and it was about 70F today.

  6. Isn't Quartzsite amazing? We have been here a few times before and each time is a new experience.

    We are working a food booth for this and the next show...come and see us if you get a chance. We are located at the north main entrance, the first booth on the right...Beer Baron...sorry no beer, just some good brauts and so much more.

  7. Hi Randy and Pam...First, I am soooo glad you got to meet Rollie and Gina. They are great folks. I hope you get to spend some more time with them along the way. If so, give them a big hug from us.

    Wow...."Q" is quite the place. We have been there, but it was just after the big show. I think you should get Pam one of those big turtles for the roadrunner.

    Have a great time and we look forward to more pictures.

  8. Pam nixed the turtles but does have her heart set on a part of Texas Longhorns to hang on the front of the Roadrunner. Yikes! :)

  9. We just left Quartzsite on Monday we had been there a week with friends and 80 Beaver rigs, we stayed at the free blm campground "Road Runner", down the road from you. Q was interesting and agree that everyone should visit at least once.
    Sorry we didn't look you up I didn't realize you were there.
    Love your blog about Q and the pictures - can I have your permission to use a couple of the pictures for our blog?? For some reason I didn't take very many
    Enjoy the rest of your stay and safe travels to your next location.