Friday, January 15, 2010

Roadrunner Financials - December 2009

Roadrunner Recap:
During December, we travelled cross-country from Red Bay, Alabama to Camp Pendleton, CA where we spent our first Christmas as full-timers.

We were way over budget on a number of accounts.

Good News Areas Where We Were Under Budget:
We were a couple of hundred dollars under our budget on diesel fuel.  (This budget item was reduced in the following year budget.)

We were a little under budget on Campground fees which was good.

Biggest Expenses:
Our two biggest expenses were at the Tiffin factory and having our first regular maintenance done at Bay Diesel.

We also bought a had the DS sofa removed and bought a recliner.  We also had Chris Berry build a credenza on the DS where the sofa was sitting.  

We were also way over on food/groceries and our Misc (Entertainment/Clothes/Gifts).  We gave cash gifts for Christmas this year ($500).

We were a little over budget on as but we drove a lot of miles out in California seeing family and friends.

Large 1 Time Cost Item(s):
We had Chris Berry build a credenza along the DS slide out with cabinets under neath.  We moved our sofa over to the PS and gave away the sofa bed that was there.

Monthly Average:
I would have to say this is a pretty bad month for the budget.  We completely blew through it getting things done for the Roadrunner that we had not planned.  It was the highest month yet.

Good thing we don't have maintenance, Christmas and RV remodeling every month.

That is our look at finances this month.  Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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