Sunday, December 2, 2018

We Can See Clearly Now

After getting some work done at Brannon's on Monday, we returned to Bruce and Melody Deaton's Campground.

We needed make an unplanned stop at Bay Diesel to get the 'ride height' checked, so we called for an appointment and got scheduled for 1:00 PM on Friday.

Meanwhile, we contacted Waylon Burroughs (Burroughs Custom Upholstery, (662)687-1748), to get upholstery repair work done on our couch.  The middle seam was giving way.  It had a temporary repair, but after talking with Waylon, we wanted to get it fixed permanently.
He came over to our campsite and removed the back of the sofa.  We also saw damage where the back the of the sofa was rubbing against the window valance.  Years ago I kept a window screen behind the couch and tore a hole in the upholstery you can see below.
Wayne returned a day later with the repairs completed.
He took the whole piece of upholstery off the back and sewed the middle seam from the inside.  He also stretched the material so the worn area from rubbing against the valance was covered.  He replaced the torn area with a new, large piece that replaced the torn section.  $200 well spent.

With that done, we had time to get propane before our after-hours windshield replacement appointment.
I always feel for the folks that have to crawl under the back door to hook up the propane and fill it.  ($71.23)

Next, our major cost item ($1,600) this trip - a new windshield.  I contacted David Hestor who does windshield repairs and replacements.  We had made arrangements to be at Bunkhouse RV ( the former McKinney RV location) at $;45 PM.  When we arrived they were finishing up another windshield replacement.

We left the Roadrunner and drove over to Sparks Restaurant in Belmont for a quick dinner and returned about 6:00 PM.  David and partner Nathan had already removed the original windshield and were cleaning out the rubber trim gasket channel thing.   Once that was done they got the new windshield (which Tiffin buys from Turkey, something I found interesting) and hoisted it into place.
They sealed it with caulking and a secondary rubber trim gasket thing they glued into place.  It is always fascinating to me how these things go together.  Its fun watching the professionals do their thing.
We were at Bruce Deaton's to get two cracks fixed that were above the top corners of both front slideouts.
We also got a touch-up paint repair kit and Austin reinforced the DS front bay door area where the hinge attaches to the door.
He secured a piece of aluminum over the old area, then painted it before attaching a new hinge.  One more pesky item checked off of the "Red Bay Repair List".

The next day we called Bay Diesel and they moved up our appointment for 1:00 PM on Thursday.  That was the last item on our list (or so we thought).  We arrived about 12:30 PM the next day and pulled into the service bay.  Aaron, the tech and I agreed the coach looked as if it was lilting to once side noticeably.  uh oh.  It was more than a ride height issue.

After checking things about he determined the DS rear ride height controller was not working and needed to replace it.  Yikes, I wondered how much that was going to be?  (not too bad - the part was $101).
It took a couple of hours to get the part replaced and then the ride height adjusted.  It works perfectly now.  The automatic leveling is on the mark and the coach doesn't lean while stationary.  ($330.42)

We always love coming to Red Bay and this visit was another great experience.
Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Happy to hear you are all set for another year. That is a great program you stick to, keeping the RV like new. Happy travels.

  2. Learning. And taking notes. thanks 👍

  3. Glad you are back on the road safely for another year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.