Monday, December 3, 2018

Java and Jazz - New Coffee Shop in Red Bay

I previously mentioned I stopped by a new coffee shop in Red Bay and wanted to give Ken and Lara shout out this morning.
I like to promote small businesses and this is another worthy one in Red Bay.  If you like good coffee,  a pleasant atmosphere and good conversation, Java and Jazz is a great place to check out.  It is located down the street from the corner of the Red Bay Hotel.  The building previously housed a Snow Cone shop.
They have a FaceBook page that gives a little history.  They have have only been open a couple of months and already are establishing some traction.  Every Tuesday they offer free coffee to Veterans and First Responders.
They have a U.S. map on the wall as you enter, and encourage folks to mark where they are from on it.  They also created a group "Tiffin Travelers" which is pretty creative.

I like this place and wish I had visited our first day instead of near the end of the week before we left.  It has wifi, and is a nice place to get some work done, or reading.  Or, if you are like me, it is a great place to meet people.  I picked a good time to meet Ken and Lara and we hit it off as they explained their journey and how they were led to Red Bay.
Ken and Lara left Wisconsin and have a place out of town past where Bay Diesel is located. They attend a local church and heard that Red Bay needed a coffee shop and one thing led to another.

I found this on their FaceBook Page:
Why not check them out and tell your friends?

That's all for now. I just wanted to give them a plug and hope you have a great week!
Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Love a good coffee place with good WiFi! You two look like things are coming along as planned. Looking forward to the book!

  2. I remember the Snow Cone shop, also a mom and pop one that we liked. Will definitely stop by Java and Jazz when we next visit RB.

  3. This seems to be a lunch place but with some aspiration to become an early evening hangout spot. Apart from having coffee they have light options like sandwiches, wraps, salads etc but also cakes, macaroons and sweet pastry. business for sale Calgary and area