Sunday, September 18, 2016

Nothing to Do in Red Bay? Here's 101 Things to Do...

Red Bay Alabama is one of America's great cities.  I love it there.
It's a small working town in the Northwest part of the state and the home of Tiffin Motorhomes.  And Sunshine Mills.  And lots of other businesses.

It is not Pensacola FL or Albuquerque NM or Detroit MI.  It is a city uniquely its own.  And we love it there.  I am always surprised to hear, "There is nothing to do in Red Bay." I beg to differ.

There are lots of things to do and see here and in the surrounding areas.  It does not have a lot of high end restaurants or like some other places, but we always find plenty to do here.  And we love to come back each year or so.

I took the time to jot down some things.  Some may appear a little redundant but not when you really look at it.  For example, breakfast, lunch and dinner at Jack's are all very different and are therefore listed separately.  But there are tons of other things to do there also.  Here's a start:
  1. Stay at the Allegro Campground
  2. Take Tiffin factory tour
  3. Breakfast at Mason Jar on the Main
  4. Take tour of Tiffin Paint factory in Belmont
  5. Get new tires or shocks at Bay Diesel
  6. Dinner at Red Bay Mart
  7. Stay at Downtown RV Park
  8. Visit Red Bay Museum
  9. Wash Car  at Red Bay Car Wash
  10. Breakfast at Red Bay Mart
  11. Visit Bay Tree Park and Heritage Park - Red Bay
  12. RV Stay at the Red Bay Campground
  13. Visit Coon Dog Cemetery
  14. Wash and wax RV at Downtown RV Park
  15. Shop at Walmart in Russelville
  16. Lunch at Sparks Restaurant in Belmont
  17. Visit parts store at Allegro Campground
  18. Say hi to Bob Tiffin in Corporate Offices
  19. Dinner at Sparks Restaurant in Belmont
  20. Tour Helen Keller Home in Tuscumbia
  21. RV stay at Custom Body (Bruce Deaton's)
  22. Lunch at Fourth Street Grill and Steakhouse
  23. Take Van Leigh 5th Wheel factory tour in Iuka, MS
  24. Ice Cream the Cardinal Shack in Belmont
  25. Dinner at Jack's
  26. Wash RV at Allegro Campground Wash Rack
  27. Lunch at Red Bay Mart
  28. RV Stay at the Detail Depot campsites
  29. Breakfast at MacDonald's
  30. Attend Annual Coon Dog Cemetery Labor Day celebration
  31. Lunch at Jack's
  32. Talk to Wade in the Service Center and get him to reduce your bill
  33. Dinner at Mason Jar on the Main
  34. RV Stay at Chris Berrry's Woodshop (water and electric)
  35. Individual tour/walk through Tiffin factory on your own
  36. Breakfast at Jack's
  37. Meet with Sales Director in Tiffin Corporate offices
  38. Lunch at Piggly Wiggly Deli
  39. RV Stay at Bay Diesel (Electric Only when service not completed.)
  40. Walk through Tiffin Service Center and watch work being done
  41. Lunch at Swamp John's in Red Bay
  42. Walk through the Parts Store at Custom RV in Vina (Brannon Hutcheson's)
  43. RV Stay at the Red Bay RV Self Service Campground
  44. Dinner at Rattlesnake Saloon
  45. Have biscuits and chocolate gravy at Red Bay Mart
  46. Get fried baloney sandwich at Mason Jar on the Main
  47. Walk around campground and talk to other Rvers
  48. Lunch at McDonald's
  49. Lunch at Swamp John's in Tuscumbia
  50. Wax RV and polish wheels at Downtown RV
  51. Happy hour at Downtown RV Park
  52. Take in the sweet smell of the dog food baking at Sunshine Mills
  53. Check out Tiffin Service Center Customer Lounge
  54. Dinner at Reeves Fish and Steakhouse (between Belmont and Fulton
  55. Attend Red Bay High School Football Game
  56. Visit Allegro Club Offices in Allegro Campground
  57. Dinner at MacDonald's
  58. Visit Corinth National Battlefield
  59. Look around used parts store at Allegro Campground
  60. RV Stay at Custom RV in Vina (Brannon's - water and electric
  61. Visit tool store in Belmont
  62. Go for walk around Red Bay (Downtown RV Park to Allegro Campground and return
  63. RV Stay at the Bunkhouse RV Campground
  64. Visit Tiffin Hardware Store
  65. Get Weenie Biscuit at Jack's
  66. Visit Sherman RV in Tupelo
  67. Hit golf balls at the Redmont driving range in Red Bay
  68. Attend Red Bay Baptist Church Service
  69. Get warranty service work done at Bunkhouse RV
  70. Visit Elvis birthplace in Tupelo
  71. See the Car museum in Tupelo
  72. Shop at Walmart in Fulton
  73. Dinner Mexican Restaurant in Belmont
  74. Get eyes examined at Dr. Mothershed in Tupelo
  75. Get haircut at Sassy Salon Red Bay
  76. Visit Shiloh National Battlefield
  77. Dinner at Fourth Street Grill and Steakhouse
  78. Wash Car at Downtown RV Park
  79. Get new RV Tires in Muscle Shoals
  80. Wander through BunkHouse (formerly McKinney RV warehouse)
  81. Talk to Downtown RV caretakers (Bill and ???) and ask where Freedom Hill got its name
  82. Visit Whitten Corps Of Engineers (COE) park in Fulton and go to museum
  83. Attend Founder's Day in Red Bay (held every September)
  84. Walk over to the Powerglide plant and check it out (no longer a part of regular Tiffin tour)
  85. See Belmont High School Homecoming Parade (in September)
  86. Attend Watermelon Festival in Russelville (in August)
  87. Chat with Norris at the Tiffin Service Center about his tour in Iraq
  88. Check out the Red Bay Waterpark
  89. Walk the Hoyt Keeton Walking Trail in Red Bay
  90. Walk the Northwest Loop of the North Alabama Birding Trail (site #51)
  91. Attend local play at Spirit Bank's Weatherford Center in Red Bay (Feb, Apr and Nov)
  92. Visit Farmers Market Red Bay (Tu, Th, Sat)
  93. Play golf at Redmont Country Club - Red Bay
  94. Eat at Sonic in Belmont
  95. Visit Huntsville (day trip) Space Museum
  96. See Belmont MS annual car show
  97. Have prime rib sandwich and gelato at Founder's Day
  98. Attend Little Theater in Red Bay
  99. Walk around Tiffin Lumber and Supply Center in Red Bay
  100. Visit Space Museum in Huntsville AL (day trip)
  101. Shop at Silver Dollar discount grocery near Belmont
  102. See Friday night High School Football game in Belmont
  103. Lunch at Mason Jar on the Main
  104. Visit Red Bay Library
  105. Get RV washed and waxed at Detail Depot
There are a lot of things I failed to mention --- maybe you'd like to add a favorite that you don't see listed?

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. I guess if you like restaurants and spending money. If you like free things, your list gets whittled down pretty quickly. Nice try though!

    We've never been there, but we would like to visit someday. Of course, we want to visit everywhere someday!

    1. Everybody I know that goes to Red Bay spends money! ;) But there are still plenty of free things to do.

  2. You can't visit a more economical region of the USA. You hit the nail on the head with these entries. Continue to build might have the makings of a book "Red Bay For Dummies". Just to add a few things: what about #61?; #82 - Linda; Buford Pusser's Home and Museum - Adamsville, TN; Tom's Wall on the Natchez Trace; Cardinal Drive In - RB. Great post!!!!

  3. Great list! I would add Sno Biz on 1st street - great local shaved ices, sundaes and cold coffees. Hike Dismals Canyon in Phil Campbell, (glow worm night tour disappointing). But our most favorite was Meet fellow Rvers and many Happy Hours with them.

  4. Guess that is why some of my family settled in that area. Enjoyed your list.

  5. Thanks for including a day trip to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville on your list. Red Bay sounds like a fun day trip itself!

  6. That list is not unlke the list for us Winnie owners in Forest City, Iowa:)