Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bay Doors and More Fixed at Bruce Deaton's

We prefer getting all our paint and body work done at Bruce Deaton's Custom Paint and Auto Body in Red Bay (256) 356-5695. He does excellent work, is quick about it and his prices are fair.  Plus he is a nice guy and we love seeing him and his wife Melody when we come to Red Bay.

We were there to get two of our bay doors unbent and repainted.  And we heard from some folks at the campground the best way to bring the clearness back to our headlights was to have them buffed out and redone with a clear coat.

First thing they did was take the two doors off and then pound out the dents in the bottom so it had the same curvature as the other doors.

Next the bondo and sanding work.
Then they started priming and painting the doors.  They need overnight to dry.  Bruce taped off the open bay doors with cellophane plastic and we drove the two blocks back to our campsite.  Next morning we were back at Bruce's and they put on the bay doors and finished up the prepping and painting.
After it was done, they parked it outside and let it finish drying a bit, then took off the tape.

One other thing we had done was to put clear coat on our Honda CRV headlights.  Austin buffed them out and sprayed them.
We also found out some people at the campground had gotten their headlights worked on.  With our Honda CRV being about 7 years old, the headlights were getting cloudy and not looking too good.  The solution was to get them buffed out and get them sprayed with Clear Coat.

We were very pleased with the results at Bruce Deaton's Auto Body Shop and highly recommend him.  He doesn't waste time, gets the job done right the first time, is personable and does work at a fair price.


  1. Nice work, thanks for the recommendation on a good RV bodyshop. It's hard to find a shop that works on RVs, looks like they did a first class job. Bet the Roadrunner drives so much better now that it has been repaired. ;c)

  2. Nice to pass on advice of a good honest repair station. Wish every place was, but that is not life.