Sunday, March 27, 2016

5 More Things That Work for Us...

Recently I wrote about "5 Things That Work For Us'.  This is another post along those same lines.

Today I will show you our: mat, ladder, broom, bucket, cleaning/polishing spray,

1. Entry door mat -

Every home has a front door mat and ours is no different.  We go with this industrial type that I think we bought at Cosco.  It usually lasts a couple of years and does a good job of helping us keep our entry way clean.

One thing I learned a while back is that if I fold over the end of the mat and then roll it up -- both ends lay down.  I hate it when one end kind of sticks up in the air and dares me to get tripped on it...
2.  Another item we couldn't do without is the broom.

With ceramic tile floors this thing is indispensable.  Nothing fancy -- just a standard broom to sweep with.
 3.  Since we are on outside stuff -- here's something we use often.  This is my $3 tripod chair
I use to when I am wiping down the bay doors and cleaning the Roadrunner.  It comes in handy to take to the job site for break time when we are doing a Habitat project.  I usually leave it in the back of the car with another one to use as a 'just in case' chair.
 4. Bucket
When I am cleaning the Roadrunner, I have a couple of rags and a spray bottle. I always need a place to put things and I find this size bucket with a wire handle works well. I stretch the handle to go over the top side of the ladder and it sits there well.
5.  Ladder.
I love this four-way fold ladder.  I used it for cleaning the coach but also for getting up the to bottom the fixed ladder on the back of the coach.  Someone told me early on that they never use the detachable hang down ladder off the back of the coach because it would scratch the paint.

By using this ladder, I don't scratch the paint.  It fits nicely into the section of gutter I have in my 'tool storage' bay.  I put the rolled up mat on top of the ladder and slide the broom down through the center of the mat when we pack up.
You can see how nicely the ladder folds into the compartment.
The key to making the ladder work is the looking feet once you spread out the ladder one in one direction.
 The cross members on the ladder straighten out and lock into place and then the final pull separating the bottom makes it look and act like a regular ladder.
 So there are a few more tips of things we use around our 'house'.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Never seen a handy ladder like that, will be looking for one. Very nice. All were good tips for sure.

  2. You are entirely too well organized. You're making the rest of us look bad... :cD

  3. Check out Camping World or Amazon for the ladder. I know that CW has sold them for years.

  4. That's a neat ladder indeed. Will keep in mind for when we have to replace ours.