Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Concert Evening in the Park - New Holland

Yesterday we left our three week stay in Fort Meade, MD for Lancaster County and a new campsite at Beacon Hill Camping.
We are on a level site, with full hook ups, good cell service and internet.  And we are across the street from a large Amish farm.  They have horses and cows and dogs and guinea pigs.  And farms smells which add to the experience.
The campground in on the side of a steep hill.  Its a nice cardio walk to the top where there are some great views of the farms down through the valley.  To get a good view and some pictures, we'd have to walk on a driveway or two so we didn't do that.

We arrived in the afternoon, got all set up and then went over to friends Mike and Sue's place in New Holland.  After dinner, we then went over to see the summer evening concert in the city park.  The Nomads are a Oldies Band that was simply GREAT!

We got there as the show was starting and it was crowded.  Usually 200 people for one of the evening concerts is about average.  Tonight, there were about double that number.
These guys were really good.  It was fun to hear the music and kind of join in on some of the songs (you have to know the words to really join in...but that has never stopped me from giving it a go).  It was a toe tapping, singing, hand-clapping good time!

A few got out there and danced quite a bit and that was fun to see them have fun.
It was a couple of hours of a great time.  I can just imagine the same thing has happened across hundreds of cities and towns this summer -- evening concerts in the park.  Have you been to any this summer in your part of the country?

It was a great start to our stay in Lancaster County.  We'll be here all week so more to follow!
Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. It looks like a nice campsite but I'm not sure if I'd want to view an Amish farm since they are known for horrific conditions in their puppy mills.

  2. Looks like a nice little campground in a great location - except for the hill. I like that they provided a flat deck area as many side hill places don't. I really like it when we show up somewhere and discover some great entertainment like this. We've been planning a trip to the area so I'm looking forward to the rest of your stay there.

  3. Karen the Amish farms with puppy mills are in the great minority.

  4. Great spot! We have spent many happy days in Lancaster County.

  5. We love that area of the country. The majority of the Amish are hard working, honest people. Be sure to visit Litiz, one of our favorite towns. Also the Shady Maple Farm Market and Smorgasborg are really fun. Google Covered Bridges in the area...many and they are very accessible!!!

  6. We're not far away in Hatfield, PA. I grew up in Lancaster. It's an interesting place for sure. Are you guys coming our way?