Friday, August 15, 2014

Plans Change for the Winter

We had thought we were going to be spending most of the winter in Florida.  There's something about the warm weather and great beaches that we find very attractive.  Plus there are so many other things we like about Florida.  I think we have spent four of the last five winters there and love it.

There is lots of history, things to learn, places to see we have never been and a generally welcoming atmosphere in Florida.  We need to go see the World Golf Hall of Fame again in St. Augustine.  We've been there once, but I don't think I was able to absorb all of what it had to say.  Golf being my favorite sport and a wonderful pastime, I look forward to seeing that place again.

Then there is the weather.  Usually during the winter months, Florida manages to escape some of those cold temps. At least in Southern Florida.  We like Key West for a few weeks and it is very affordable at the military campground at the Navy Base there.

We also have some great friends who live in Florida and / or 'winter' there.  So it would be great to see them again.

But this year we will spend a few weeks in the late fall in Florida, but mostly spend our December, January, February and ??? in Virginia.  We intend to be in Virginia Beach mostly, but will likely take a few days at a time and come up to the Washington D. C. area for visits.

As you know, our daughter and son-in-law live in Virginia Beach and our son and his fiancé live in Chevy Chase, MD (really about a block from the D.C. line).  And we have absolutely loved the weeks we have spent in each place and getting to see them all.  Whether it is a night or two during the week or time on the weekend it has been great to dip into there worlds again and see them.

Our goal is to do that as much as we can without over doing it.  There is a balance here and we aim to find it.  So we are going to keep at it and plan on seeing more of them.

We leave this weekend for Pennsylvania and the Amish Country.  And we will be seeing some of Philadelphia again and then heading down the Eastern Shore and back to Little Creek Navy Base Campground in September.  We also have plans for some time in Myrtle Beach and Tennessee and probably Red Bay, AL before returning to Virginia Beach for the holidays.

During the holidays, (and maybe before) we will probably be honing up on our cold weather camping and hoping that Virginia Beach doesn't get 8" of snow like it did in the winter of 2010-2011.  We got caught in that one and waited for the snow to melt enough to make a bee line South.

This winter we will hang around and wait for the birth of our first grand child which is scheduled for mid-February.  After two years of marriage Kelly and Jon are expecting their baby to be here.  We are VERY excited for them and want to be there to help.  So there will be more on that later I am sure.  We found out a while ago and were sworn to secrecy.  Once she posted it on her blog and FaceBook though, we figured it was OK to spread the news!

Which brings me to my question of the day:
Any advice for new grandparents-to-be?

Thanks of joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles! 


  1. Well, we totally understand! We drove our motorhome all the way from Mexico to Nova Scotia in March in order to be there for the birth of our first grandchild! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations to the Parents and Grandparents. Even though you wish to smoother the little ones with love and never want to let go everyone needs their space. Besides there could be other new additions to the family soon.
    You don't want to be permanent baby-sitters but being around in the beginning to give mom and dad a break so they can have a date night is important. Learning to play like a child again after all these years is difficult but fun. It is something that most of us couldn't do with our own children because we were still in a working career.
    Here is hoping that you don't get hit with too severe a winter and your first experience of being grandparents goes very well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We too know about changing plans for grandchildren births. We're thankful with our wheels that we've been able to be there to help out several times since we went FT.

    Another benefit of our full time life :c)

  4. ahh. . .there are no words to express the joy of having a "grand". . .enjoy every minute!

    Since you guys spend time at the military base in Florida, do you know Marv and Connye? They spend winters at the military base also.

    1. Yes - we are looking forward to it. We do not know Marv and Conneye but maybe we will run into them.

  5. I've wondered about cold weather camping and assume as long as your water bay is heated that it goes okay. Do you just unhook and drain the water hose for freezing conditions?

    1. I think that is the main issue - making sure the water and the hoses don't freeze. I will also be sweeping off the roof and the toppers over the slide outs if there is any snow accumulation (ugh!). I will probably disconnect the hose each night and may only get the sewer hose out when I want to dump. We have a couple of ceramic heaters we will use inside.

  6. Grandchildren are meant to be loved, spoiled and loved some more!!! Congratultions to you two and the parents to be:o)) Nice that you are able to be around when they need help and run away when you need a rest;o))

  7. Oh forgot to mention... we will be at Huntington Beach SP just south of Myrtle Beach most of September, October and all of December. Give us a shout and maybe we can get to meet. I am sure Bill would love to play some golf!!

  8. Congratulations...Grand kids birth super- cedes all else! At least you are South somewhere!!! How exciting for all!!

  9. Yep, know the feeling. Just quit Camp Red Bay to come to Connecticut to help with our first grand kids twins. Although, we don't plan on staying thru winter.Just got here so no advice yet.

  10. Oh, now I see why you're giving up wintering in Florida. Congratulations!