Friday, May 10, 2013

Hitting the Trails Brimstone Recreation Area

If you love to 4-wheel and have never been to Huntsville, TN to check out the Brimstone track - you need to!  It is one fun place to spend the day!  Niece Michelle and husband Jeremy have all the gear and season passes to Brimstone Recreation.  They took their son and and his buddy and me for an outing that was a one great day!
Jeremy got the 4-wheelers and dirt bikes all ready and packed up.  We left a little after 8 and headed to Huntsville.
Of course, along the way, we had to stop for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Lake City.  Then on to our destination.  We checked in to Brimstone and paid for a day's worth of trail riding for me.  Everyone else had season passes/wrist bands.

I was so impressed with the office/check in station.  These folks are high tech and first class.  They turned a gas station into their office and it was very well organized.  Very classy first impression!
We were greeted by Donika - the senior office manager who runs the place.  She was very helpful and we were all set to go in no time.
I liked the way the place looked and thought they were pretty high tech for an outdoor recreation business.  We checked in on a workstation at the counter.  Donika indicated the iPads should be in soon for that purpose.  If you go to their website: you more impressive stuff.  Like the interactive trail map:
And you can find them on FaceBook.
They host a yearly bash/concert/competition called 'White Knuckle' that looks interesting.  And if you are looking for a vacation place to spend a few days running the trails and jumps of a great facility in Tennessee - add this to your list...

So if you are looking for another outdoor adventure on your 4 wheeler/ATV/off-road vehicle, you might want to check this out.

After checkin- we headed to our parking area near Trail 3.
Jeremy unloaded and we got our helmets on before Michelle checked out our waterproof map of the trails.  
Then we were off!
We road the easy trails and I had an easy 4 wheeler.  Mine had no clutch to worry about - all I needed to do was steer, watch my speed and figure out which gear to put it in.
Figuring this out was not too tough -- it was all about switching gears and speed.  I was pretty comfortable after about 20 minutes.
We stopped at the motor cross track up on top of the mountain near the power lines and spend time there going around the 'track'.
Then we hit the trail again and went back over to the parking lot to grab some lunch.  But first we had some negotiating to do…
After lunch our chief mechanic topped off the tanks and checked things out for our afternoon ride.

I like the way Jeremy plans things out and carries a first aid kit and set of tools for some contingencies in case some thing comes up.
Then we hit the trail for the afternoon session
We saw some beautiful country and made some wonderful memories.
Can't wait until our next outing...

That's all for now on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us!

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