Sunday, May 26, 2013

Two Weeks in Tuscaloosa

We finished up two weeks at the Tuscaloosa Habitat For Humanity Disaster Recovery Build.  It has been another great experience.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here.  We met a lot of new people and got to do some fun things at the job site.  The work has been pretty much the same as other HFH builds.

The first week we worked on outside trim and siding.  This week we have been involved with framing, raising walls and sheathing for the sides and roof.  And installing some tornado strong tie-rods and a building a safe room.

While here, we have seen some interesting things:
- A University of Alabama BCS Championship ring -
Leon is a student at U of A and the team Equipment Manager.  He has volunteered on site for a few days and let us take a peak at some of his hardware.  He let Dee Dee try the ring on for size.

- Chief Financial Officer for the Los Angeles Angels -
Bill Beverage is the CFO and one of only 30 individuals across the country.  His son and daughter in law, wife and a contingent of 19 from Tucson were here for the second week.

- Safe room -
We had never heard of a safe room before we arrived here in Tuscaloosa.  HFH uses a FEMA design for this and is building it in all their new homes.
There are hundreds and hundreds of screws securing this inside of the home which has its own foundation.

Some high-wind/tornado/hurricane straps, rods and bolts:
And work accomplished on week two:  the group started with a couple of walls up
and by the end of the week most of the windows were in and the black tar paper on the roof was installed.

We also made it a point to go see the Paul 'Bear' Bryant Museum -
The Bryant-Denny Stadium at the University of Alabama -
And two college groups, one each week:
- University of Georgia -
- University of Arizona -
And Peter -
A great guy to work with.  One of the best we have worked with!

And somewhat unexpected: we ate at a great Thai Restaurant on campus:
If you are thinking about joining a Habitat for Humanity Build - the affiliate in Tuscaloosa could use your help.  And they have some great work going on and know how to make it a fun and productive time with their volunteers!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles ~ until next time...


  1. I am very impressed that HFH is putting safe rooms in their houses. I think those are becoming a necessity no matter where you live. Where do you head next?

    1. On to Texas, Oklahoma in June and Wisconsin in July.

  2. What an interesting two weeks you have had. So glad that you had a great bunch of people to work with. I knew what a safe room was but have never seen one, thanks for showing us.


  3. What a great idea to put safe rooms in new homes. After the recent tornado in Oklahoma I'm betting a lot of folks will be doing the same.

    That's quite the BCS ring to wear.

    Congrats on another great HFH project!

  4. I think "MacGyver would be a real help ...He worked for a home builder..Now, if I could only get him to go full-time!

  5. He would be great! You could do a 1-2 week gig at an affiliate and not even have to go full-time. I think you'd really enjoy it!

  6. Randy & Pam,

    We are in site 84 at your next stop. We will be here until Tuesday morning and would to get together if you have the time.

    1. Sounds good - we are in site 86 about 20 feet from you guys!