Monday, February 27, 2012

Tiffin #1 in 2011

We are here in Red Bay for some repairs and we took the factory tour.  Red Davis, the long time tour guide is moved to the unofficial greeter and ambassador at the Visitor Center.  The tour has changed somewhat and expanded to include the cabinet shop and chassis areas.  (More on another post with pictures).

After the tour, I went over to the company offices and asked about the sales numbers for last year.  There I found the staff to be friendly and helpful in spite of what looked like a busy day.  In a few minutes, I was able to obtain the following information that I wanted to share with you.

According to the independent source: "December 2011 Statical Surveys" The number one retail seller of Class A Motorhomes for 2011 was Tiffin Motorhomes.  The top 8 manufacturers were:

  1. Tiffin - 2388
  2. Winnebago - 2282
  3. Thor - 1949
  4. Fleetwood - 1463
  5. Forest River - 930
  6. Monaco - 735
  7. Coachman - 607
  8. Newmar - 596
Tiffin also captured the top 4 Spots in Diesel Sales
  1. Phaeton - 644
  2. Allegro Bus - 365
  3. Allegro Breeze - 311
  4. Allegro Red - 296
  5. Discovery - 254
I love numbers and statistics about RVing when I find the and wanted to offer them to you FYI.  

Thanks for taking a look at the Roadrunner Chronicles today!  Until next time...


  1. Sounds like great news for us Tiffin owners and even better for us Phaeton owners. Thanks for the info. ~wheresweaver

  2. I always pick the best model of everything before I know its price. Lots of times I have to change my mind and settle for less, but in our Phaeton's case, we were right! Interesting info, thanks for sharing!

  3. Very helpful info on the best motorhomes out never know when one of us "fivers" might jump ship!!

  4. I love the statistics also. Very interesting even for us fiver owners.

  5. interesting stats!..nice to see you at the top of the list!!!

  6. I also own a Allegro Bus and we do love our RV, however I am no longer recommending that people buy a Tiffin because of the inability to get service at their Red Bay factory.

    Tiffin books their service appointments a quarter at time a full quarter in advance. The problem is they have limited appointments and they schedule completely on a first call basis starting at one second after midnight. You call leave your information and then they will call back (frequently in the middle of the night to schedule you). So if you want an appointment at any time in the months of April, May, or June – you had to call at one second after midnight (Central Time) on January 3rd. Well that is 1:00am on the East Coast. Of course everyone that wants an appointment is calling – so you frequently get a busy signal and then have to redial.

    If you do not get an appointment – you can show up for what they call the Quick Service. You get 3 hours with 2 techs to address your list. The problem is that depending on when you go to Red Bay – you might have to wait up to 3 weeks – for which they charge you $20.00 a day. And if they can not address the complete list in the first 3 hour slot – you might be in for a couple more weeks of waiting.

    We played the GAME last year in July for an appointment in October. It took a lot of dialing but we got thru and got an appointment for roughly the time we needed. Although they called us back at 4:30 in the morning to schedule it. We went – of course we had a list – and got everything done. The problem is one of the fixes – did not really fix the problem – 3 days after leaving Red Bay the problem was back as worse as ever.

    We played the GAME again ion January to get an appointment – kept getting a busy signal – finally go thru and then got cut off by their voice mail system. Had to re-dial again and again and lost out – all the appointments for the quarter were gone by the time we got thru.

    So now we have to go and sit in Red Bay and wait for weeks– paying them $20 a day to address something they could have fixed right the first time.

    I now tell people I love my Tiffin RV – but can no longer recommend them until they really figure out how to service their customers.

  7. I enjoy reading those statistics, especially since we own a Phaeton. Glad to know Red is able to work at the welcome center. Although Bill (above) makes some valid points, we feel Tiffin does a good job of standing behind things. The appointment issue does need improvement. Hope your stay at Red Bay is short. We leave tomorrow for the Allegro Club rally in Sarasota.

  8. They do make a nice motorhome, but a while back I was already beginning to see that ordering and owning a brand new one could be fraught with frustration. (The water tank support issue comes to mind)
    Getting warranty work done to ANY vehicle puts you at the mercy of either a dealer, or in this case the mother ship.

    So it would seem that buying a USED Tiffin wouldn't be such a bad idea, since you would then be able to stay away from Red Bay.
    Whatever comes up, just deal with it.
    Or, maybe just go with a Winnie? (am I gonna get flamed?)

    Sorry to read of your mishap. Busted fibreglass is not a pretty sight.

    Good luck with the repair.