Thursday, February 23, 2012

Florida Days and Some Roadrunner Damage

Since we left Key West a few weeks ago we have spent time in Fort Meyers/Naples and have moved on to the SpaceCoast - eastern side of Florida.  We spent a little over a week at Patrick AFB.

Two days after we arrived, they had a FamCamp chicken and pork BBQ lunch for all the campers.
They really put on a spread and it was a nice gesture.  The campers and campground staff are all very friendly and helpful.

We also got to play a round of golf on base and see an old work buddy that I knew in the Air Force years ago when we lived in Hawaii.
Another highlight was having lunch with Howard and Linda Payne ( who were staying up near Cocoa Beach.

The campground at Patrick AFB is on a cove and we watched the sun go down one evening.
Then we saw schools of dolphins playing around.  I tried to get a shot of them jumping in and out of the water but could never time it right.
We also got to see friends from Albuquerque who now live in the Orlando area and went to church with them and had lunch at their place on Sunday.  It was great to see them and catch up.

The big event at our time at Patrick was moving from the overflow area in the campground to a site with electricity.  I pulled up along side a roped off area, then backed up a little and turned it too wide.  My right front end swung out and I hit one of the 'little 4" x 4" posts that was holding up the rope.  It was only about two feet off the ground.  I knew it was there but could not tell exactly how close I was to it.  Even though I was going slowly, before I knew it I had knocked it over.  It was wedged along the passenger side in front of the stairs.  When I figured out what was going on I stopped and got out.  The damage had been done and it was not pretty.

Now we are in the process of getting an estimate and deciding if we can get it fixed here or if we want to go back to Red Bay.  We found a shop but he is not real sure how to work around the 3M 'clear coat' (Diamond Shield - like finish).  He can repair the fiberglass OK but it gets tricky when you mess with the plastic coating.  If you peel it back it could lift off the paint under it in an area that is not damaged.  So we will see.

It doesn't look too bad but the estimate came it at almost $2600.  On our deductible with Allied Insurance it would cost me 800.  That seemed a little high to me.  I think we can drive it the 700 miles back to Red Bay and get it fixed for a about the same price as the deductible.  

We should know which way we are going to go on this sometime today and will have an update on the next edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.

Thanks for joining us today!  Hope you are having a good week.


  1. So sorry to hear of your damage. It's unbelievable how a little hit can do so much damage! Hope Red Bay takes care of you well for less money! ouch!

  2. Sounds like you're really enjoying your stay there well except for the damage to the coach... Hope it gets fixed up soon!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

    ps... the new comment moderation is horrible. A lot of people are removing it.

  3. We think you two are smart to go back to Red Bay. At least they are familiar with their Diamond Coat and can get the job done correctly. So sorry you have this problem.
    Your picture in the header is really nice. You two look really good.

  4. I sm so sorry about that damage, Randy, what a pain in the neck. Working for the government, and driving government rigs, well you know the drill, I once hit a post like that on a field review in the field with all the big bosses in a rig behind me. I felt that ouch over again when I saw you booboo. At least there aren't any more bosses around to see it happen for you. I have to say, your header photo is sooo great, it completely overshadowed your damage photos. On another note, I had to work and work to get the new two word verification to work to leave this comment. Any chance you might join the crowd and disable this disagreeable thing?

  5. I thought the comment moderation was disabled. Not sure how it got reset. Apologize for having that going on! A big THANK YOU to those of you that took the time and effort to let me know. Hopefully I correctly changed it so it is less painful.

  6. It's amazing how expensive it is to fix a small amount of damage on a motorhome. And when you hear a crunch your heart and stomach change places. At least mine do. But it does sound like you are having a good time and meeting up with old friends is always a great time. No word verification for me.

  7. hope that the repair is done quickly and painlessly..funny how you drive miles and miles and then hit something in the campground..
    only a small ding but a ding just the same..take care and enjoy the sunshine!!

  8. Yikes! Seems kind of expensive for so little damage. Those short posts are dangerous - I smacked one with our old 5'er but I was lucky as the post was in dirt and just fell over.

  9. Randy, the main problem is you see it every time you go in the door. We are currently in Carrabelle, FL and will be leaving next week for yet to be determined. Will be RB the week of the Mar 19th. Would definitely like to see if we can meet up.

  10. The body shop at Red Bay is extremely busy, so perhaps an appointment would be a good thing.

    Actual Diamond Shield can be removed with water and vinegar, but if you have the older 3M stuff like we had on the front of ours, the body shop guys ground it off with orbital sanders. Then they painted over it. Then we had to have the Diamond Shield applied over the new paint.

    I am not sure that they are still using Diamond Shield now, as I think they have moved on to a newer product.


  11. Oh, we look at paint as being like diesel fuel..... Its just a part of moving on down the road.... Every so often ya gotta go get another tank full........

  12. OUCH!!!!! I'd go back to Alabama for the fix and know it's done right.

  13. We have done similar damage to our RV and we feel your pain! Hope the repair is relatively painless!

    Pam & Randy (the other ones!)

  14. Ouch! Keeping fingers crossed that Red Bay can get it fixed quickly and for a lot less than what you were quoted in FL.

  15. great header picture!!! So sorry about the damage to the coach hopefully its a quick fix for less than you were quoted there...

  16. We feel your pain! We've done even worse to our rig and it's always upsetting - and expensive! Hopefully, you can get it repaired quickly and inexpensively.