Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Friends

Now and then I get an email from someone who says:  "We are in the area and would like to meet you".  Or, "You don't know us, but we follow your blog and thought it would be fun to get together in person", or some such thing...

Over the last two years we have sent similar notes to folks and found out it is fun to meet new friends that way.

Recently, we got an email from Allan and Jeanne who were traveling through Albuquerque and we were able to meet.  About 18 months ago we left Albuquerque and we just missed being able to see them.  They do a lot of volunteer work and I asked them some questions.

Since then we have more or less kept an eye on each other from a distance and last week we were able to get together.  They were on the other side of town, so we decided to meet downtown Albuquerque for lunch at the Flying Star Cafe.
So sight unseen, we met at the restaurant and sat down for lunch.  Allan and Jeanne have been full-timing 3 years.  Recently, they changed from a 5th Wheel to a 40' Phaeton motor home.  So far, so good and they are getting used to it.
After our lunch came, we asked to get a photo.  If you want to see a version of the same thing, go to their blog 'Dream Reachers' and you'll see something real similar...
It was very nice to meet them and strike up a new friendship.  They left Albuquerque for parts north and will be taking the train in Silverton, Colorado in the next day or two.

So that brings me to the question for the day:
How many of you have met people on your blog or via email and have had the chance to meet them in person?

That's if for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles ~ thanks for stopping by and jotting down a comment or two.  We appreciate them.

Until next time...


  1. Yep, we've been fortunate to meet quite a few folks through our blog. Always fun to meet our readers. Best one was on a secluded beach in Mexico. This guy wanders up and says "Are you Kevin and Ruth?" Too funny.

  2. we have been very fortunate to meet six different Rving couples this way..they are all wonderful!! is like meeting an old friend!!!
    if you are ever in our 'neck of the woods' Randy ...we are up for a meeting! :)

  3. I've been fortunate over the years to meet many of my online friends, first from the motorcycle forums, then from the RV forums and now blogs. I hope to meet many more in the future!!

  4. We've met about a dozen folks this way, Randy. In fact, I remember a couple from a few years ago who dropped in on us at the Sands RV Resort in Desert Hot Springs. We had a great chat and enjoyed meeting them. They had a blog called the Roadrunner Chronicles!! Ever met them?

  5. Well, Randy, so far we have met only 3 couples on our travels. We had the special pleasure of meeting you two spontaneously in Tucson, and I so enjoyed it. We planned our meeting with Laurie and Odel for a bit of time and still continue to enjoy the times when our paths cross. We met Kate wandering through an empty forest campground in Utah. Great fun. I only discovered the bigger blogger world last fall, so I have a lot of catching up to do! I hope that as the years pass we will meet many more.

  6. Despite our reclusive nature & quiet RV lifestyle we have met far more people than I ever thought we would. If it wasn't for our blog we would hardly have met anyone so far. The majority of RV folks place a higher priority on socializing than we do. It's just the way we are.........