Friday, September 24, 2010

Sun Sand Swimming etc

We are feeling like we have been on vacation here in Florida.
We are enjoying the beautiful weather and getting plenty of sunshine.
Every evening we have been able to pull up lounge chairs and watch  the sun set on the bay where our campground is located.
On Monday, we drove down to Panama City to check out the campground at the Naval Support Activity.  We wanted to go for a drive, plus that was a good excuse to see that and nearby Tyndall AFB.  Only had one problem.  I left my wallet at home.  Oops.  Military bases require 100% ID check.  No ID, no entrance to the base.  

On the way back to the Roadrunner we stopped at a fish store on the street corner and got a pound of shrimp.
We cooked it on the grill and it was fantastic!

Years ago, Pam learned how to play golf at Hurlburt Field.  On Tuesday we played a round at the same Gator Lakes golf course  It was hot!
But it was a nice day and we had fun. She shot a 97 which is great since she hasn't played since February.  I struggled with a 90.

Then on Wednesday Tim his wife Mary came out to see us at the campground. We met at church earlier in the week.  They are considering RVing and serving opportunities as empty-nesters.
We talked about the different things we have done including Care-A-Vanners and NOMADS projects.

One of the best things about our time here has been time at the beach.  And those beaches...oh man!  They are great!
We love sitting on the beach!  White sands, sunny weather, balmy breezes, crashing waves~ I just love it.  I dreamed of doing this for a long long time before we started full-timing.  Time in Florida on the beach---
And we spent hours on the beach this past week enjoying the day and reading our paperbacks.

Hope you had a good week too! Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles ~ we always appreciate your comments.


  1. Great weather, white sand beaches, and those amazing sunsets. Life can't get much better. Enjoy.

  2. Beautiful beaches and sunsets! You are very lucky to be there. I am sure you are enjoying it greatly.

  3. Love those vacation days...and of course the beaches and sunsets are fabulous.

  4. Just beautiful!! Great beaches and love those sunsets. I grew up in Daytona so seeing your pics sure brings back memories.

    You guys enjoy!!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. All those gorgeous sunsets made this beach bum homesick! I think our first stop in our RV will have to be the beach...any beach! What's the name of the park you're in?

  6. I especially enjoyed your sunset and beach pictures. I almost felt like I was right there in Florida with you. Glad you and Pam are having a good time!

  7. Great pictures, your living yours and our dream also, have fun abd don't get sunburned. Be safe out there Sam & Donna.

  8. What beautiful sunsets. :)

    Rich, keep a close watch on the tropics and any depression or low that gets into the Gulf of Mexico. We still have another 2 months of hurricane risk.

    Tropical updates are 50 minutes after each hour on The Weather Channel or go to

    Matthew is a depression that crossed over land this morning but forecasters have been saying that it could emerge over the Gulf and head toward the Florida panhandle all week.

    The model runs are all over the place currently but be sure to watch this one and another that will be forming in the Caribbean in a few days. Go to the Computer Models on the weatherunderground site for track forecasts and just keep a close eye on things.

    Be safe and enjoy the beauty you are surrounded by.


  9. Wow, that looks so peaceful and serene. I could do that for weeks, months, years!

    Great photos, thanks for sharing (so jealous!)


  10. Those white sand beaches look so inviting! Yeah, those tropical depressions can sneak up on ya in a hurry...We got caught at Long Key. Katrina was a tropical storm in the Atlantic on a Wednesday night..By Thursday morning we were scurrying for the mainland, and they closed the Keys bridge behind us...
    We haven't spent any time in the panhandle....I see a plan....

  11. We spent several days in Destin at Henderson Beach SP back in 2007. Such a gorgeous park. I even went out on the beach early one morning to video the sunrise. It was just breathtaking.


  12. Great pictures of the ocean and beaches! We hope to be there in January. Being near the ocean is so good for the soul. We are glad you are having such a wonderful time.

  13. What a beautiful place! Will you be back in VA by Thanksgiving? Do you want to come and have it with us?


  14. Those pictures make us feel "home" sick. We will be back on the beaches in a few months.