Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mouse Wars Update

I took an early morning photo of the sun coming up ~

Then onto our menacing mice.
Our 'mouse' has turned into two mice so far.  We tried the sticky plastic traps with a juicy glob of peanut butter in the middle and all we got was a few mouse feet marks.  That didn't work too well.

Our other mainline of defense was old fashioned Victor mouse traps.  Pam said she thought she heard one snap the other night.  We didn't find it until the next morning when things were getting a little smelly in the basement.

Sure enough!  One mouse met his doom in a classic mistake.  It was swift and sure.  He never knew what hit him!  I would put a couple of pictures of the critter here but thought that would be a little much and in poor taste so to speak.  But trust me, we got the first one.

Then yesterday morning I checked underneath the sink in the basement over by the black and grey tank lines and there was victim number two.  Glad we are gaining on them.  I am not sure but I think we have one of those little guys still running around.  We will do more checking traps later today.

Yesterday I went for another run and toned it done a little bit.  Last time I was running I was feeling it in my left calf.  I have chronic muscle pulls and have to stretch a lot even when I am not running.  So after a two day layoff I took it slow and did more stretching during the run and it went fine.

While I was doing that, Pam went for a walk.  She is about 90% there.  She did well on a couple of long but fun days.  On Thursday (after going to Grand Rapids on Wednesday), we went over to Petrolia to see Bill and Marg.  We had a good visit and dinner with them in Sarnia.  It is a 2 hour plus ride each way.

Later yesterday, Pam did the laundry while I washed both cars and we watched some Wimbleton tennis.  And last night we stayed up to watched some baseball and saw Edwin Jackson of the Arizona Diamondback throw a no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Marlins in a 1-0 win.
He started the game with a lot of walks and ended up getting it done with 149 pitches.  We got to see the last 3 innings which were nail biters.

I took a couple of evening photos and called it a night.
Hope you all have having a great summer.  Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today!


  1. Glad to hear Pam is getting closer to 100%, that is sure a relief, Also that your body count in mouse wars is going up, we fight a constane battle each fall and winter here, and with the dog you have to watch how you eradicate them. I used to buy poison rice at the feed store and put it in tins in the garage, but then they take it back to their burrow and everybody dies there and you have a smell because usually it's behind a wall. Good Luck. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Great news on the mouscapade war front. Seems like the old fashioned way is the winner. They are pesty and sometimes smart little creatures, glad ya'll are on the winning side though.
    Take care and be safe!
    Mike & Gerri

  3. Seems like in the quest to invent a better mouse trap, the original is still the best! Nice night pics of the lake too. Glad to hear Pam is almost back to feeling 100%!

  4. I never thought that you could get mice in an RV! I know I always have traps set in our garages and trap quite a few since we lost our last cat.

    I find the snap type traps are the best. The Victor traps I have have always been to hard to set.

    The blog I will be posting later today will include a picture of a little fiel mouse I noticed while up on a ladder painting.

  5. Mice are a real problem on the Rio Grande at Falcon Lake State Park..getting into your vehicle and chewing up you have to cover the side mirrors with WalMart bags and a clothespin. Seems the birds down there see their image in the mirror, think it is a rival bird, and scratch and peck at the mirrors...Crazy place!!

  6. Hope the mice are not like rabbits and keep multiplying.

    Need a cat?