Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flowers at Haas Lake Campground

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A while back, I noticed how many people at Haas Lake RV Campground have flowers.  When we registered and checked in back in April, we were told that 70% of campers at the campground are seasonal.  That make explain why so many plant flowers.

After I went for a run, I decided to snap a few shots of the many flowers:
They really add to the beauty of the area.

Yesterday, we ran a few errands, Pam got her haircut, I went for a bike ride and we enjoyed the beautiful day.  I cooked hamburgers on the grill and then we went for a walk around the lake.  On the way back we stopped to see our friends Roger and Joyce and talked with them until the sun went down.  It was another sunny day in  beautiful Michigan.

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  1. Those are so springy looking..we are already in the heat of the summer..and poor little plants like that would have a hard time being pretty.
    I'm glad Pam is feeling will take awhile..I talk from experience..just take it slow and easy!!And enjoy life!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Those flowers sure do a lot to brighten up any campground - nice pics!!

  3. I still cannot figure out how people that travel in RV's take so many flowers and plants...I have trouble fitting ONE in....But I do love to take them with us....I almost killed my bamboo last winter...It didn't like Arizona at all...and here I thought they were good luck!!!

  4. What lovely colorful additions to the campground... how creative those folks are to do some container gardening.

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

    Karen and Steve
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