Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Errands and Hanging Around the Campground

Yesterday was a beautiful day at Haas Lake Campground.  The sun was out all day and the gentle breezes blew...the temperature was in the low 80's.

I ran a couple of errands early and went to Home Depot to get a vinyl gutter for the sewer hose.   I found the section that had the gutters, then borrowed some tin snips so I could cut it into a four and six foot section.
I noticed our neighbor uses one and decided to give it a try.  So far the results are inconclusive because I have a slight incline from the coach to the dump hole at the campsite.  I will keep it and see if it comes in handy another time.  Sometimes the accordion stand for the sewer hose I currently use is not as stable as I'd like so now I have another option.

From there I looked at WalMart and a few auto supply stores for Klasse All In One
My friend Mark Hall cleans his Tiffin more than anyone I know so I asked him what he uses between his treatments of
the Solution.   I have used the Solution for over a year now and really like it but Pam asked if we ever need to wax this coach?  I didn't really know, so I asked what Mark does.  He uses the Klasse All In One so I may order some online.  Nothing like a spiffed up RV...

Next, I came back to the Roadrunner and went for a run.  I am inching up the time between intervals and had the best run in ages.  I took it easy but still had a great workout.  I really like this campground with the miles of dirt roads.  It is nice to be able to run with out dodging traffic or being on pavement the whole way.  This track is scenic also!

We had lunch and spent time with Adam.  He is heading out to Washington DC for a few weeks and after lunch we took him to the Flint, MI airport.  He was saying it was small and it really is.
But it was very convenient and looked like a nice facility.  He had a connection in Detroit and made it to DC later in the night where he was picked up by a buddy he is staying with.

Pam and I watched some tennis after dinner and then spent a nice evening with a campfire out back watching the lake and contemplating life.  It was a beautiful evening.

Pam is feeling pretty good and her stamina is increasing so we are going to do more in the coming days.

For now, thanks VERY much for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. We have one of those accordion stands for our sewer hose too and I can never seem to get it setup correctly. The vinyl gutter types I've seen sure seem to be a lot more stable.

  2. I saw the gutter types being used at the campground near our house. It's a real cheap option! But at the end of the year, there was a whole pile of them laying there by the storage building from all the seasonal folks who left. Wonder if someone reused them this year, or they had to get hauled off to the dump?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. So good to get caught up with you and Pam and that Pam is getting better every day.

    Will be thinking of Adam as he is in DC.

    How do you use the gutters for the drain hose. Have never heard of that.

  4. I've seen those gutters being used in some of the campgrounds we've been to. How do you prop them us? Do you still use the accordian thing to hold the gutter? You can tell I didn't pay much attention. We just have the accordian thing and I agree it isn't always sturdy.
    Where do you buy The Solution? I've heard several people mention that lately.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)