Sunday, June 13, 2010

Certificate and Rodents

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The last few days have been a bit of this and that.
Mostly we have monitored Pam's progress which continues at a slow but gradual pace.  She is better almost every day but still gets tired as if she has been through a something major.  Which she has.  Her reaction to a sulfa drug antibiotic was serious.  But she is getting better and now is contending with a full body skin peel.
An ever so light layer of skin is peeling all over.  It is about 60% done but more to go.  The scalp and even the inside of her hands and fingers are started to peel.  Her face, most of her back and front are done.  We'll get there.  She looks more like her old self again.  A couple more weeks and she'll be good as new.  We are targeting then to check out some more Habitat for Humanity work later in the month.

I have been running/walking more and am feeling like getting into shape is a possibility if I keep it up for a couple more weeks.  So I probably will.

Early last week after we returned from Tennessee, we woke up to the sounds of scratching and claws o the inside of the walls.  Or was it the ceiling?  Or the air ducts?  A few thumps and bangs to the area where the noise was and it seemed to go away.  But after waking up at 4:10 AM, 2:30 AM and 12:10 AM, we knew we needed to do more than bang walls and ceilings.  A rodent has come to stay (or at least visit.  Yikes!  We went and got moth balls and put a heavy dose of those all around the ground under the Roadrunner.  That didn't seem to help.  I crawled under the engine and tried to put more up into that area but found little success.
Next we bought Rodent Glue Traps and positioned two inside two heating/air conditioning ducts in the Roadrunner and (cross our fingers) no wake up calls in the middle of the night.  We will have to check them later today but I will be surprised if we caught one.  But at least he/they haven't been back for a couple of nights.

Has that ever happened to you?  What do you do about rodents?

Adam is staying with us in between trips to Toronto and Chicago.  Yesterday he was getting ready to meet Meghan's mom and dad in Sarnia to get a certificate Meghan earned while attending Lambton College.  She was working on pre-nursing requirements and getting her application reading for nursing school in Toronto and earned a certificate in the School of Health Sciences for Personal Support Worker.  I think it is like training in the U.S. for helping individuals needing individual home care and hygiene assistance.

Pam was feeling up to it. We hadn't really understood what it was earlier in the week, but decided we wanted to go and got cleaned up.  We left for Sarnia about 12:00 noon for the 2:00 PM ceremony.
It was quite a ceremony along with a full graduation from the Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology.  It had a procession of the 500 or so graduates.  As with most graduations it was long but finally they read 'Meghan Baker-Warner' and announced "This certificate is being conferred posthumously and being accepted by her father Bill Baker".
It was another mix of emotions.  Proud of her that she was determined enough to continue working on her goals to get a second university degree in Nursing (her first degree was in Psychology), and sad because she wasn't there to receive it in person.

I took some pictures, among them my all time worst ever.  I really messed up the close up shot of Bill accepting the diploma.  (I wonder what real photographers do when that happens?).  Marg and Adam were in the audience with the graduates and Pam and I were in the stands.
Next, we went over to Bill and Marg for a little while.  Adam then left for Toronto for an interview and to volunteer at a Cancer Bike Race on Sunday.  By then, Pam was pretty tired so we went back to the Roadrunner, had dinner and called it a night.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  We are SO glad you are out there!  If you haven't left a comment in a while, we love to hear from you!


  1. Sure glad that Pam is feeling better and on the road to recovery. Meghan was a very strong women and inspired so many, it was nice that you were able to attend the ceremony.

  2. I just hate it when you only get one chance to take a memory photo, and the camera doesn't solve the shot correctly. Professionals buy ever more expensive cameras in order that the shot is solved quickly and correctly. They can't miss an opportunity as others are relying on them. Cannon seems to be their brand, but I can't afford to spend that much, so I drop back to Nikon.
    Even then the cameras are to big a bulky to carry with you on a daily basis. Seems there is no middle ground.
    Anyway Loyce and I are really glad Pam is on the mend, and hope you have solved the mouse problem.


  3. Definitely keep up your run/walks! It's a great way to get out there and see the places you visit and have some time to clear your head. It's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most when we finally hit the road!


  4. Glad to read that Pam is doing better, bit by bit. Sorry to read about the rodent issue. I hope it gets solved quickly!

  5. We had a mouse that we think we picked up at the FMCA rally in Ohio last July. He ate into anything not in a can/canister in our pantry and lived with us for about a month as we made our way to Galcier National Park, Montana. In the end we had 8 regular mouse traps (which we often had to reset after a travel day) and more than a dozen "sticky traps" in the area under our sink and adjoining cabinets and panty. We'd kept adding more as our frustration grew! A regular trap finally got him one evening when we had not been traveling that day and were just sitting quietly and reading. Good luck!

  6. Good news about Pam, sure hope for a full recovery in the near future. Nothing worse than the thought of a rodent in a place you live!

    It must have been a very touching and emotional ceremony for Meghan's parents and Adam and for the both of you as well. It was great that you made the effort to attend as well to show your support for Meghan's goals.