Sunday, March 23, 2014

Loss of a Friend...

We cherish our friends.  And Sunday we lost Cathy, a close one.
She was stricken with AML (Leukemia).  Five months ago I mentioned her in a post and it is hard to fathom that she is gone.

When we met and got to know her and husband Tom almost three years ago, we knew we had one of those special relationships that only comes along once in a while out here in RV land.  Or anywhere for that matter.

Pam and I were in Santa Fe for a Habitat for Humanity Build with the Care-A-Vanners and met Tom and Cathy.
Tom and Cathy's Motorhome "Mona" in the middle of our Santa Fe Care-A-Vanner group

They had sold their home in Cedarburg, WI and been on the road about a year when we met.  We worked along side of each other for a couple of weeks and vowed to join up again down the road.

We did meet up them again. In fact -- quite a few times.  I've linked some previous posts remembering our times together...
Then some photos (don't you always wish you'd taken more??)
Habitat For Humanity Santa Fe May 2011with the Care-A-Vanner Team

Fort Myers at their campground in February 2012

When we all (also with Bonar and Christa) stayed at the Patrick AFB/Cocoa Beach FL campground April 2012
And on bike ride around the base at Patrick AFB

While on our three week caravan (of two RVs) trip from Boston - Maine eating lobster June 2012

Good times around the campfire at the campground in Bar Harbor July 2012

Picnic on the beach at Acadia NP near Bar Harbor July 2012

At Fort Myers Beach on the bike trails going to the Friday produce market (with Christa, Pam, Tom and Cathy)

On a hike last July around Devils Lake State Park near Baraboo WI July 2013

Lots of great memories with Cathy and Tom.
Cathy was a person who was outgoing and friendly.  She was easy to meet and get acquainted with.

Cathy was a leader.
There are formal and informal leaders.  Our experience was with her gentle yet compelling suggestions and ideas.  We were hemming and hawing about if we want to have a pot-luck with the Care-A-Vanner team...and she jumped in and said, "Tomorrow night, our place 5:30 for happy hour every one bring a dish!" Done-- no big deal.

She just got things done.
And she was very considerate of others.  She had an opinion about things and articulated her thinking very well, even if it differed from others.  But she was interested in discussion and learning and it was not so important to win an point of debate if it meant hurting some one's feelings.

And she was good at explaining things.   Her understanding of healthcare or politics or history or where they have been in their travels.

Cathy and Tom always brought interesting times with them.
Whether it was seeing the 4th of July parade in Bar Harbor Maine or Cedarburg Wisconsin, they enjoyed it to the hilt.  Cathy was one of those people that knew how to relax and enjoy down time --- and in other times she'd be the first to get in their and make a difference building a house.  And had fun doing it.  She was one of those people you never got tired of seeing or being with.

Cathy was involved.
She was involved with her family, with helping others where ever she was.  We saw it when we visited them in Wisconsin this past summer.  And she wasn't one to sit around and let others wait on her.  There were a lot of people at the cabin coming and going and she cooked and washed up things and just got it done.  So other people could enjoy there time there.  Tom's sister Cindy is the same way.

Cathy was adventurous and had courage.
Like riding on the back of Tom's Harley-Davidson.  They'd go for rides all over the country, exploring and checking things out.

She was a fast bike rider and a fast hiker.
If you walked or rode with Cathy, you had to up your game a bit.  She always had lots of energy that was contagious.

We loved being around Cathy.  We will miss her terribly.
So now it is Tom and their grown son Vic.  They will be in our thoughts and prayers.  Please join us.

That's all for the Roadrunner Chronicles this time.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your good friend. You have so many great memories of your times together. It sounds like she was a very special lady.

  2. It is always difficult to say goodbye... However, your tribute is beautiful and you have some wonderful memories to cherish.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your friend. May she rest in peace.

  4. We are sorry for your loss of a very close friend. Please extend our condolences to her family for Kathy and I. We'll keep you all in our prayers.

    It's about time.

  5. Very nice blog about your loss...Our sympathies to her family..Gut check for all of us to live life, not ride through it.

  6. Very sorry to read this. You had the chance to get to know her, which was a fortunate thing. My heartfelt condolences.

  7. Randy, you spent time and effort on this post and believe me that effort got desired result. ANY reader of this tribute will know how much Cathy meant to you and will share your sympathy. Godspeed Randy Warner and great job on your blog post!

  8. So very sorry to hear of your friend's passing. We definitely cherish those special friendships. Your tribute is wonderful and we send condolences to you and to Tom and Vic.

  9. What a heart-warming story of your friend and the friendship you shared. We should all be so lucky to have relationships this special. My thoughts are with Cathy's family as well as those of you who knew and loved her.

  10. Randy and Pam...Mike and I are so saddened to hear of the loss of your dear friend, Cathy. We will certainly keep Tom and Vic in our prayers. The days ahead will be tough ones. What a beautiful tribute your paid to Cathy in your post today!!!!

  11. so very sorry for the loss of your dear seems that the good ones always go early. :*(

  12. I'm sorry for the loss of your good friend. She looked so healthy and active. What a shame.