Saturday, March 29, 2014

Desert Flowers Hike

We went hiking in the desert outside of Mesa yesterday over at Usery Mountain Regional Park.  It reminded me a little of our hikes near Tucson.  Plenty of desert -- well marked and really a beautiful day.
The regional park is used a lot and the trails are easy to follow.  We started out on the Noso Trail and ended up on the Blevins Trail.
Almost immediately we saw lots of flowers.
Bushes, cacti and trees had some blooms going.  It was just one of those days I said to myself, "I love the desert".  I think it has been a dry season here and we marveled at how green things were.  I can't image how it would be if it rained three of four times a month here.
The ocotillo blooms were the most prevalent with their bright orange colors.  But their were plenty of purple cacti too.

We picked easy trails and enjoyed a leisurely walk through the countryside.
On a great day like this we were not alone
A guy and his dogs
Another guy and his bike
And some creatures
A dove (or quail)
Some ground squirrels
And a hawk 
And a couple of saguaro cactus sitters

It was a pretty big one and I barely got a photo of him.  We were walking up the Crimson Wash Trail and he was criss crossing it in front of us.  Even though I was 'ready' I still almost missed him.

Mostly on our hike, I think we enjoyed the flowers most of all.  They just kept coming.
The trails took us in a series of right turns so we essential walked in a rectangle box direction.
After a good hike, the trail took us back to the Horse Trailhead Staging Area where we were parked.

We found a covered picnic table and enjoyed more of the day over a picnic lunch.  Another great time in the desert...

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Enjoyed your desert flowers tour. Plants just seem to spring back to life after some good rain. It is much nicer for me to see them this way, since I am allergic to one or more of those guys. That is why my Winter home is not in AZ.

  2. We have seen the desert after they have had a "wet" winter and it really is incredible. But my allergies have really gone crazy this week with everything blooming so beautifully. Great hike and beautiful pictures.

  3. Are you staying there? It's our all time favorite park. It would be perfect if it only had sewer.

  4. Just amazing all the beauty in the desert, it's not just sand (like the Sahara). Nice snap of the hawk, shows your reflexes are in tip-top shape. :c)

  5. Love that so much beauty comes from such a prickly plant.

  6. Your dove (quail) is a mourning dove, because of the mournful cooing it makes. You're the second person in a week to recommend Usery Park.