Monday, March 17, 2014

Roadrunner Financials - February 2014

In February - we spent the entire month in Tucson at one of our favorite campgrounds:  Agave Gulch FamCamp at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ.

Some of the highlights of the month were seeing lots of friends. We spent time in Benson AZ, Casa Grande as well as meeting up with folks there in Tucson.  Plus we had friends and family come visit and stay with us at the campground.  And we got together with a couple of RV blogger friends which is always fun!

We took a number of day trips and did a lot of hiking and sight-seeing in Tucson

Roadrunner Recap

  • Agave Gulch FamCamp (Tucson, AZ)

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
We had a pretty good month because we camped in one place for the whole month and didn't have any large expenses.
We were under budget in almost all categories which was a nice change.

Biggest Expenses
We were over on food and household items. 

Large One Time Cost Item
We had a couple of big purchases:  a Smokey Joe charcoal grill which I am hoping I can also use as a small wood burning campfire.  We will see on that one.

Also we bought a small sewing machine for some projects we have around the house and Pam did some hems on some clothes.

Monthly Average
After a big couple of months, we were glad to see our expenses go down quite a bit to bring our nine-month average for the year to $27.64 over our $4000 budget.

But that will not last I'm sure.

Thanks for joining us today on this month's look at where our money went.
As always --- if you'd like a free sample copy of my spreadsheet I'd be glad to send it to you just in case you might find it helpful.

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  1. Great record keeping!
    It appears we spend about the same as you and that must mean a lot of people do in retirement.
    Thanks for posting the costs of not working for a living.