Monday, March 10, 2014

Fun with Friends!

Where would we be without friends?  And how great is it when we get to spend some time with them.  This has been another one of those weeks!

After saying goodbye to Kirk and Susan we were able to meet up with new friend and unknown relations Ray and Cindy Warner.
They have been readers of The Roadrunner Chronicles for some time and it was nice to meet them and hear of their adventures.  You can read about them at Ray and Cindy's RV Travels. They are down in Benson and included our visit in a day trip into Tucson.

Then we got to meet up with Marj and George whom we have known for about three years.  We were spending a few weeks in Key West and were neighbors for a time.  Then, we saw them a couple of months ago while at Seal Beach.
Next thing you know, we ran into them here at Davis-Monthan AFB and got to spend some time with them and go out to dinner.

I was heading into the laundry room in the park here the other morning and I heard a guy say, "You are Pam and Randy Warner with the Roadrunner Chronicles - right?"  I thought, "yes.....?" and talked with Tom.  Of Tom and Kathy Retired blog fame.  He had flown in from Florida to get his motorhome of storage and check things out.
And he needed a ride out to the storage area which I was happy to do.  He beat me to it and got a picture of us posted.  Tom and I have exchanged some emails and comments back and forth over the years after we met in 2009.  We happened to camp next to Tom and Kathy when we were in Camp Pendleton/Del Mar for the Christmas holidays.  They are from Alaska and have a condo in Florida and travel alot.  That was fun!

On Wednesday, brother Reid flew in from Albuquerque and stayed with us until Saturday afternoon.  He was in town for a Environment Control (a nationwide Janitorial / Cleaning Service) meeting.  A number of franchise owners got together for one of their business meetings here in Tucson.
Owners and key people from Tucson, Whittier CA, Brea CA, San Diego, Seattle WA, Bremerton WA and Albuquerque attended.  If you know of someone who needs a good commercial cleaning service, you might give these guys a shout in your area...

I attended a few hours on Friday morning and took in a couple of sessions.  Reid presented early in the day and I got some more insight into the workings of a number of successful, hard working business owners.  Reid, with one of the smaller companies represented has about 50 employees.

I have always admired those that have the drive and skills to create opportunity for themselves and others in their business. It was an interesting time with them.

Saturday we ran over to the Apple store with Reid to get some things fixed and then on to Sabino Canyon for another hike.  That place is turning into one of our favorites for sure!
We are wrapping up our time here in Tucson and have had another great time.  We enjoy the area here and it was made even more memorable by meeting up with friends.

That's it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Until next time....


  1. You're just like us, this retirement lifestyle runs us ragged! ;c)

  2. People and places....This is like a post from a full-time RVer!