Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cactus League Baseball in Scottsdale

Last week we made it to our first Cactus League MLB Spring Training game.  It was great.

We decided on an afternoon game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Colorado Rockies at Salt River Fields/Talking Stick Baseball Park.  After a picnic lunch in the car, we were directed over to the Center Field Parking Lot for same-day tickets.  We thought $5 for parking and a 200 yard walk to the ticket gate were pretty reasonable.
Next, the quest for tickets.  About that time, a guy asked if we needed tickets and we got $28 seats for $22 and were in business.

The stadium and grounds are two or three years old and among the best we've seen.  In fact there were a couple of things I hadn't seen before.
A free sunscreen dispenser
And a guy wearing a cardboard beer hat
We walked around the inside of the stadium
to our seats on a few rows above the third base dugout.
We were about an hour early before the start of the game and it was fun to watch the players and coaches interact with their friends.
Then the game began and we got to see some action up close.
After being in the 80 degree sun for over an hour, it was time to see if we could move to higher ground and get into some shade.  Without any fanfare we were able to get that done and immediately our brains stopped frying.
And the seats were even better a little higher up.  I think we stayed until about the beginning of the 6th inning then made our way out down the left field line and along the back of the open grass fan area.
The stadium and parking was very impressive and easy to get in and out of.  We enjoyed the game and hope to see a couple more before the end of the month.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun. We, too, love baseball and hope to catch a few of the training season games next year when we return to AZ.

  2. We're just not baseball fans so we don't ever go. But I know a lot of folks do. The weather has definitely been cooperating.

  3. Looks like a nice ball park and a good area for the sun worshipers with their blankets. I'm with you on the shade.

  4. Those ball parks are soooo pretty! Good times!

  5. Something didn't seem quite right when I read "Walking Stick" having been to the "Talking Stick" Casino across the highway.

    1. You are correct - it is Talking Stick. But since we have walking sticks and Pam was making another one here in the last few days my brain gravitated toward that...

  6. Great stadium and free Sun screen is a wonderful idea.
    My up North niece and nephew have been here since last Friday, and have been to every Detroit Tiger game and a few others down here this week. Kathy has been going with them to Tiger games since we came back from Homestead. I am not a fan and have skipped the events. They have done this for years now and I guess it must be worth the drive.