Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Northeast Trip - Plymouth and Cape Cod

Our first excursion with Tom and Cathy was to go south (we were in the Hanscom AFB FamCamp northwest of Boston), drive around the southern side of Boston toward Plymouth and Cape Cod.
We started out at Plymouth Rock and took a picture with William Bradford
and one of the Mayflower II.

Then we stopped for lunch at a lookout point along the way to Cape Cod with a tower built for some prominent locals that had a cool little observation point.
Then it was up the cape to the Visitors Center at the Seashore National Park, Cape Code.  From there we saw a video that explained the glacier impact on the area a long time ago.
It also referenced some stopping points along Cape Cod including the Marconi Wireless Station.  It was from here Marconi built the first transatlantic wireless communication station in 1902.  Large towers were built but gave way over the years to erosion and was relocated to Chatham.

Further up the way, we found a beach that was a bit cool but some folks were sunbathing and taking advantage of the sunny June weather.
We continued on our way to Provincetown ("C" on the map) above.  There we parked the car and walked around town.
It was the busiest town on Cape Cod and a tourist destination for vacationers and folks like us.
We picked up some post cards, got a sweatshirt, walked around some more and headed out of town.  We decided it was still a little early for dinner so we drove back out of the cape toward Falmouth.  We went along the side roads and it was a lot more scenic.
We were looking for some lobster and found it at the Lobster Claw Restaurant in Orleans on Cape Cod.  We were not disappointed!

After dinner, we took a nice drive through Falmouth and back up to our campground at Hanscom AFB near Bedford, MA.

It was a great day and a fun trip!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Next -- our time in Boston on the Freedom Trail and at Fenway Park.


  1. You are following us... Glad you are having fun!
    Travel safe

  2. Thanks for a beautiful tour of Cape Cod. That is an area we've always wanted to visit and after seeing your great photos, it's moved up a few notches on our list.

    Randy, that's a beautiful header photo of you and Pam.

  3. sounds like you are following Donna and Ralph if you follow all the way be sure to let us know...!!! Great blog...beautiful tour of the cape.

  4. Have not been to Cape Cod yet. We hope to get there our next trip out east. Great photos and you got a lot in a very organized way. What do you use for your collages?

  5. Looks like a nice area, now wish we had not skipped it last summer:(