Friday, May 26, 2023

Lower Antelope Canyon

 We did it.  Finally we got to experience the wonders of the stupendous Antelope Canyon.  

Through the years as full-timers (2009-2019) we saw pictures of friends who had been through the canyon.  Once we had planned our Brothers and Wives Reunion in Albuquerque at Reid and Amy’s, we put a stop in Page, AZ on the map.

Sometimes pictures tell the story so here’s my favorite one of all

Then some of my many photos of Lower Antelope Canyon:
The Wave:
The short walk to the starting point.
Descending down the two or three flights of stairs into the slot canyon.
Then the hour of mesmerizing wonder.  Every time we turned around too much to comprehend.
Toward the end of our hour long walk through the canyon we joined up with the tour group in front of us as we climbed up the couple flights of stairs to get out of the canyon.
It was everything I hoped it would be and much more.  The tickets were a bit pricey but it was worth every penny.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend.  It was one of the absolute highlights of our trip so far.  

Thanks for joining us in what is becoming a more irregular update of our days on the road trip.  We’ll keep plugging away and “back-fill” some of our stops.  The trip has been really fun.  See you next time on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Beautiful images. Hope to see this for myself one day!

  2. The rocks have faces. Absolutely amazing!

  3. Beautiful pictures. What an experience !!!