Friday, May 19, 2023

Bro Time - Family, Church, and Golf

Here we are crossing over into the great state of New Mexico.  The landscape continued to change from our journey from Oklahoma, through the panhandle of Texas to the Land of Enchantment.  Not many states have a welcome sign like this one.

Once in NM, we made our way to Albuquerque in time for a World Famous Green Chile Cheeseburger.  Nothing like it at Lot-A-Burger. 
Next, we headed over to Reid and Amy’s and waited the arrival of Marty and Elena, Brad and Sue.  Here are some of us hanging out and telling stories on Reid’s back patio.
Later that evening we gathered around the dining room table where we have spent many hours eating and talking.  Pam and I and the kids were stationed here in Albuquerque (Kirtland AFB) and we had many extended family gatherings right here.
The next day, on Sunday morning we all joined Reid and Amy at their church.  Growing up, we all attended church regularly and that tradition continues for each of us today.
After a nice service we were surprised to hear one of the parishioners had a restored 1958 American Motors Rambler station wagon.  What a beauty.  Our family also had one just like this model but it was bright red.
Pam and me, Elena and Marty, Reid and Amy, Brad and Sue.
Later that day Pam and I drove by the house we lived in from 1988-1992.  The house was basically the same but the tree in the circular spot in the drive way was gone and the small from lawn was no longer there either.

That evening, cousin Linda and husband Jim (who are currently the first lady and mayor of the village of Corrales NM-- came by for dinner and a visit.
Good times!  This is one of the reasons we like to get together -- share stories we have never heard before or to refresh our memories of how things really were.  It was great to see them.

The next day, the guys went out to the University of New Mexico Championship Course to play in a fund raiser golf tournament.  Our grandad was an above average athlete and played golf.  Our dad and mom played golf so all four of us grew up playing and it’s the thing we try to do every time we get together.  Its always a lot of fun and this may have been the first time all four of us played together on the same team.
We comprised one of the 14 teams playing and gave it our best shot at a sychronized golf swing shot on the practice tee.  Brad, Reid, me, and Marty.
We took a couple of obligatory mug shots on the course.
We played pretty well but finished tied for fourth but had a fun day with a banquet where the ladies joined us.  As we left we had a fantastic rainbow that was one of the brightest I’ve seen in a while.
Thanks for checking in today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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