Saturday, July 29, 2017

An Afternoon at Humble Hill

One of the great things about coming to Sioux Falls is that Pam and I have some good friends who live here.  Pam learned electronics repair in the Air Force and went to technical training years ago in Biloxi Mississippi.

While there she met a classmate, Steve and his wife Therressa, who are from Sioux Falls.  Steve retired a few years ago from the Air National Guard here in town and we've managed to see them many times over the years as full-time RVers.  This time we are in town to participate in the two week Care-A-Vanner RV / Habitat for Humanity build along with three other couples.

And here we are again.  We always enjoy our time with them and got to spend Saturday together.  On Saturday we went to lunch together at PourHouse which is a new sports bar place in town.  We had some great sandwiches and fries.

After lunch we drove over to the two houses where we are scheduled to work.  It helps to know where they are located a little before Monday morning so we aren't late and don't get lost.

Therressa has a brother in Garretson which is a small town about 25 miles away.  Rob and his wife Joan own a winery that just opened for business.  People who are in business for themselves I find intriguing.  It was a beautiful drive out to Humble Hill Winery.
They have a growing vineyard and add rows and rows every year.  I think Joan and Rob said they have eight acres.  Though they just opened, they have been working on the vineyard and their property for years.

Here Pam, Steve and Rob are enjoying the shade outside of the tasting room.  Their place is nicely arranged and a great place to hang out and learn about wine.
 Inside the tasting room, they have created a well decorated and quaint environment.  Rob used timber from his granary that destroyed in a "downburst" that destroyed the granary and what was going to be the original tasting room.
Yikes!  The challenges of the small business person.  And then there was the fire that destroyed the garage and damage the house.  But that is another story.  Despite all that, they persevered and now are open for business.
 Downstairs in the cool temperatures of the basement they are storing the wine in 35 gallon drums and preparing bottles with labels.
 The two enemies of wine is heat and light and so the 5 gallon jugs of different flavors are covered up.
Rob and Joan are a very interesting couple and we are so glad to meet them and see Humble Hill Winery!

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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  1. A lot of work goes into a vineyard even before they can start the process of making the wine. We love these small wineries much more than the big ones. It is even better when you know someone that knows someone that owns one! :-)