Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lots of Info at the Nuclear Museum

The Kirtland AFB FamCamp (where we parked the Roadrunner while in Albuquerque) is located near the Eubank Gate not far from the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.  

 New Mexico and other key states have long been involved in the nuclear industry beginning during World War II.
At that time, the U.S. and many scientists from Germany who left the Nazi regime -- developed the atom bomb. Much of that research took place in New York (the Manhattan Project), New Mexico, Tennessee, California and Washington.
 Interesting that Pam grew up in Clinton TN not far from Oak Ridge and I grew up new Los Alamos.  In Oak Ridge, the plans are still identified by their letter and number designator and we hear of people who still work there.
Not being that interested science or nuclear stuff, the real draw for us was the Route 66 museum and artifacts that are temporarily housed in the building.  Really?  Guess they want to get something that appeals to everyone?

The owner of this Mustang drove the entire way and documented his travels, then loaned it to the museum.
 It was fun to see all the towns it went through in New Mexico including Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Can't tell you how many times we've seen friends and family and fail to get a picture so we did that.

Next, we had lunch over at the unique restaurant and shops built with transportation containers.
 Green Jeans is newly up and running and appears to have a booming business.
That is a quick recap of our Saturday sights in Albuquerque last weekend.  Always fun to hang out and do stuff with Reid and Amy.


  1. We really enjoyed that nuclear museum. Learned so much I didn't know or understand about our nuclear history. An interesting restaurant for sure.

  2. Route 66 is great fun! We went on a rally with about 5000 of our closest friends and Corvettes on 66 back to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green a couple of years ago. We went as far east as we could on 66 before turning off to go to Bowling Green. It was fun once, but wouldn't ever go on a rally again with that many cars!
    The Other Randy & Pam

  3. Nice museum info and that restaurant is getting prepped for Armageddon, it appears.

  4. It is mind boggling at times how things have changed since we were young ones and the German scientist's affect after the war. Glad you are still enjoying your travels. I have enjoyed catching up on your travels as we start a new direction on ours.