Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Day in Yosemite

A few months ago my brother suggested we stay at The Lakes RV and Golf Resort as we made our way over to Arnold CA for a 4th of July reunion.  Turns out it was an excellent idea.  We wanted to see Yosemite National Park as well as Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
As you can see, it was about a two hour trip one-way from our campground.  But still very doable.  Turns out nephew Nate and his family were in the Lower Pines Campground for a week with friends.  They were staying at the Lower Pines Campground.  We wanted to see them early in the day before they got out and about on their hikes and such so we left our campground before 6 AM.
Like many other National Parks, we wanted to take a picture of the entrance sign.  Then it was quite a few miles down the road before the scenic views started.
El Capitan
One of the beautiful meadows along the way into Yosemite Valley.
Cathedral Rocks and Yosemite Falls

Thought this was pretty interesting.  A sign signalling the spot where John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt had a chat back in 1903.  You have to imagine that some of the trees are young ones and may have not been here back then.
It was a little crowded at some of the pull outs but not too crazy.  Most people were slowly making their way through the park and glad to let you pull in or out and were friendly folks.  I think some of the majesty and awe of these places makes everyone a bit more congenial and courteous. ?
More Beautiful Falls - this was very unusual at the beginning of summer to have such a strong flow off the mountain.  Usually it is drying up quite a bit by now.
Here's a group photo about noon at Nate and Angela's campground with daughter Aubry.  Son Jacob was off riding bikes with his buds in the campground. Angela's parents were there at a nearby Bed and Breakfast and stopped by.  Great timing!
We continued on our drive through Yosemite Valley and stopped for more pictures.
 Yosemite Falls

 Lots of pull outs and parking along the way to see the meadows and mountains in the background.
 Before we left, we made it over to the Visitor Center and checked it out.  It had an informative video -- this one was on bears.  In the 1930's they used to encourage bears to eat trash and humans food.  They stopped that in the 1940's and have seen a resurgence and healthy population of 'normal' bears as a result.  Now, folks keep their food at the campsites put away in the bear locker.

Even the exit out of the valley was full of wonderful scenery and the Merced River flowing.

There is no way a person could see Yosemite in a day.  It is definitely worth a longer stay at some point.  Lots of hiking and more beautiful scenery to be had.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Beautiful area to explore and does not look too crowded yet. I expected to see you with a black patch over your eye and perhaps a hook for a hand for the real pirate look.
    Nice you got to visit family there also.

  2. Love those Yosemite photos, and love hearing about your trip. I have friends that live in Arnold, by the way, and when I lived in Sonora I did drive there often. Oh...just a little thing....Those two photos that you labeled Bridalveil are actually the big one viewed from along the river, Yosemite Falls. The Upper Falls and the Lower Falls are clear. That last photo might actually be Bridalveil, but as you said, there is a LOT of water this year so it looks fuller than usual. I grew up in that valley, well almost anyway, with 2 to 4 weeks every year of hiking and floating and horseback riding as a kid. I even got to see the Firefall over and over. So glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Love that Park and miss it. Randy used to say his heaven on earth. I didn't see Glacier Point so maybe next time you have to drive up there.Happy you'll visited and yes lot's to see. I love Sequoia and Kings Canyon too. And check out Murphys south of Arnold. It's got wineries and a quaint downtown.

    1. Yes - we will have to save that for next time. So much to see there.

  4. Great pictures of a place that is still on our list:) Hope your eye is doing better!

  5. You have to be thankful for men like Muir and Roosevelt that had the foresight to preserve these wonderful parks for us to enjoy today. Just think what little there'd be left if they hadn't. :cO

  6. Another close by park is the Escapees in Coarsegold.