Friday, December 4, 2015

Roadrunner Financials - November 2015

Roadrunner Recap
In November, we visited the following locations stretching from Virginia Beach VA to Pensacola FL:
  • Oceana NAS Dam Neck Annex, Virginia Beach VA
  • Fort Chiswell Campground, Max Meadows (Wytheville) VA
  • Roadrunner RV Resort and Campground, Maynardville TN
  • Oak Grove NAS Campground, Pensacola FL
We left Virginia Beach after Pam and Kelly's birthdays and had an overnight stay en route to Maynardville TN.  While in TN, we spent time with Joan and Mike other extended family.  On to Florida and the Pensacola beach where we were treated with warm weather and a chance to check in with Linda and Bill who live there.

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget

We had a good month with the budget and noted that costs for diesel fuel, campgrounds and Misc were well under budget.

Biggest Expenses
Our biggest expense for the month was the semi-annual car insurance payment.  

Large One Time Cost Item
Our largest one time item was buying meat at the local Harris Teeter Grocery store.  We had eaten at Jon and Kelly's a number of times.  Though we don't actually keep too close a tabs on how much they spent feeding us, we felt it was our turn to buy some groceries including a large piece ($161) of tenderloin that he subsequently cut into about 12 steaks.

Monthly Average
For the second month in a row, we were significantly below our goal of $4,100 per month.  The monthly average continues to decline after a tough RV maintenance bill in August.

As always, if you think this spreadsheet might be useful I'd be glad to pass it along at no cost.  Just let me know.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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