Thursday, May 14, 2015

Another Visit to Palo Duro Canyon

We visited Palo Duro Canyon for the first time as tent campers back in 1992.  Since it is on the way to Albuquerque from Oklahoma City, we decided to go see it and find out what we remembered.

I did not remember the steep and winding 10% grade down into the canyon from the front gate.  But it was no problem for the Roadrunner.

We got into a good site at the Sagebrush Campground, one of three in the area for RVs.
We passed the Amphitheater Area where we must have seen a performance of Texas! and also passed the horse corral where we saw a number of horses.  Since it it not really the peak season, we saw no riders and the outdoor production is not up and running yet.

We were glad to enjoy the beautiful canyon and the cloud formations as the sun set.  And we were able to get out and hike some of the beautiful trails.
We met quite a few hikers along the way and half a dozen mountain bikers.  Great area for some exercise.

While at Palo Duro Canyon we also went by the Visitor Center and saw the displays including my favorite - the one of the Civilian Conservation Corps who built the park, the road, some of the buildings and trails.

The satellite dish worked fine but the internet and phone service were sketchy down in the canyon where we were parked.  I had to run in to Canyon TX, 13 miles away, to use the wifi at McDonalds.  But since they open at 5:00 AM, I got my work done and was back to the Roadrunner about 8:30.

I'm glad we got to see Palo Duro Canyon and do some hiking.  Next time, we may stay at a different campground so we can 'stay connected' a little better.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Randy I love your new header picture. Making me "home sick" for the West already.

  2. We really enjoyed our time in the canyon. Didn't do much hiking because Jim could barely walk at that time so it would be fun to go back again. Thanks for the pictures cause they bring back good memories.

  3. We have yet to get there, seeing as we only RV during the Winter and that is NOT the time to do the canyon...Thanks for the tour!

  4. I always had good wifi at the entrance station. That park is a great park with lots of good pictures waiting to be taken.

  5. If we ever get to that area it truly looks like a great place to explore.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Last year we stayed in a C.G just near the gate of the park,full hookups for 20$-not bad.
    The hikes are great especially the LIGHTHOUSE TRAIL,fantastic views
    Happy you liked it.