Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hanging Out at the Campground - JEB Little Creek

One great thing about being here in Virginia Beach is that our campground is about 5 minutes from Kelly and Jon's house.  We are at Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek RV Campground.
There are a lot of good things about this older park.  We noticed that the grass has been mowed.  I asked about the pot holes and puddles but that is a different matter.

We like our camp site.  It has 50 amp and we are able to get satellite TV despite all the trees nearby.  They have cable just in case.

The weather has been mostly great.  It has rained a few days but the sunshine and temps are great.  Even in the high 80's and low 90's at times which I like.  Its been good weather to clean the Roadrunner.
Plus I like the fact that the water here is not hard and therefore does not leave ugly water spots.  I still need to wipe it down with the Solution, but it still takes a few hours to get it done.

We've had plenty of time to enjoy the campground.  It has a nice fire pit and a picnic table that we took advantage of when Jon and Kelly came over the other night for hamburgers.
 Then it was time for s'mores.

One evening I stopped and chatted with a guy in the campground who had a interesting vehicle.  He said it was a 1986 edition of an Austrian personnel carrier used by the Delta Force back in the day.
 Never heard of this company.
But then, I have never known anyone involved with Delta Force either.  I found this very interesting.  Don't know how useful but at 18 mpg to the gallon, this diesel ought to be good for something. 

It's great to be close by these guys and to be able to hang out with them.  Now if there were only a good campground up near DC close by Adam and Melissa in Chevy Chase MD we'd be all set. 

Thanks for checking in on the Roadrunner Chronicles today.  Until next time...


  1. I think 18MPG on that vehicle would be pretty darned good.
    I envy your "softer" water back East. We're still running
    into a lot of areas with hard water.

  2. Check out the Little Bennett Regional Park in Clarksburg, MD. Electric only but in a nice wooded area. Easy drive to Chevy Chase.

  3. Never stayed at JEB, Little Creek (yet), but it's on our list. Love military campgrounds, they let you wash your RV. Pretty rare thing. :c)

    Is Fort Meade too far from Chevy Chase, they have a nice cg there?

  4. Looks like a great place to hang out for a while - I like that these facilities are available to veterans.