Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Great Times in Maynardville

While in Memphis, we were able to go see the FedEx St. Jude Golf Classic.  We have seen this one on TV for years and years so it was nice to walk the grounds and follow some golfers around.
It had a different feel than the Colonial Golf Tournament we saw in Fort Worth.  I guess each tournament is unique. This course is newer with more property and the holes aren't as close together.
Here was a surprise:  An ATM machine in the back of a trailer.  
Instead of the 'Quiet Please' signs on the course, a Southern touch:  'Hush - Y'All'.

After seeing the tournament in Memphis on Thursday, we made the 414 miles to Maynardville, TN in one day.  A long day was made longer by a horrible accident that tied up traffic for miles. 
We went 3 miles in 1 1/2 hours while they cleaned things up.  

Arriving mid afternoon, we made it to our destination and got set up.  Five years ago, Mike leveled out a parking space for the Roadrunner and couple of years ago we ran water and had 50 amp electric hookups installed.
It has worked out great.
We spent the evening hanging out in the backyard catching up with every body.

First thing on the agenda on Saturday morning was breakfast at 33 Diner.  It is a terrific country diner with food that you can eat once in a while.  The ladies that run the place were nice enough to let me take their picture.
After that, nephew Joey came over and we decided to go 40 miles up the road and play golf in Kentucky at Wasioto Woods.  Its a great course.  We both had pretty good rounds going.
I had an 83 with four tee balls in the water.  I edged him out but any day now it wouldn't surprise me if he was on the winning end of the scorecard...

Another 'must do' while here was stopping at Hammers discount store.  They have 15 stores in the region and there is always a bargain to find.  We've been going to Hammers since 1979.
Then top off for another great day in Tennessee was some Sm ore's around our portable fire pit by the Roadrunner.  
We're having some great times in Tennessee with family!

That's all for this look at the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks for joining us!


  1. So, how many hammers do you carry in the Roadrunner? And where do you store them all? ;c)

  2. We installed a 30 amp plugged at our son's driveway. Sure is nice to spend that time with family especially with s'mores at the end of the day.

  3. Hard to beat those good ole TN folks - our Greenback is just SW of Knoxville, where I'm sitting as I type this.

  4. We do love of those "sleeper" states that has much undiscovered beauty.. We did tour the Jack Daniels Distillery at Lynchburg. If you've never done it..very informative and the property is wooded and gorgeous. Also, the town of Lynchburg is adorable and they have a boarding house (can't remember the name) that serves lunch..

  5. We love Tennessee! Everyone is so friendly and there are so many "treasures" to discover. Hammers discount store? I haven't heard of that one!