Sunday, October 28, 2012

Macon Area Habitat for Humanity Build - Week 1

We arrived last week for 14 days of volunteering with the Macon Area HFH.  The great thing about the affiliate here is that they recently installed 50 amp hookups for our Care-A-Vanner group.  We are the initial team to use the new accommodations.

The team had two cancellations and we have a total of 6 people on this build with 4 rigs.
We are working in an older neighborhood that has had its issues over the years and is making a comeback.  Partnering with local churches and other groups in the neighborhood, Habitat is revitalizing the area.  They are committed to building 46 homes in the Lynmore Estates area of the city.  That is were we are working.
Inside, we have been caulking, laying down a tile floor and doing touch up painting.  The carpet is due to be installed in the next few days.
Outside, we put up trim around the roof and gables, painted and caulked it and worked on the front porch railings.  We also finished up the back porch and stairs.
The affiliate has a great facility for the ReStore and home offices.  The are in what was once a large plumbing supply store and warehouse.  The have lots of room and space to expand.
The night before we stated work, Steve (Volunteer Coordinator) and Harold (Executive Director) and some other staff, hosted a support on the end of the loading dock for the Care-A-Vanners.  That was a nice touch.
They also hosted an annual 'Customer Appreciation Day' for the Restore customers on Saturday.  A different group of folks, led by Jim Mercer (Development Director) put that together but it gives one the sense the affiliate is active and reaching out to the community in a number of ways.
In addition to our time on the job site, we enjoy getting to know each other and like most full-timers, we  have a 4:00 ish get-together most days.
That is it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles ~ stayed tuned for Week two here in Macon Area Habitat for Humanity.  We are enjoying it!

Until next time...


  1. We start our first build in Las Cruces, Tuesday.

  2. 46 houses is an ambitious project! Have fun:)

  3. My husband worked on a Habitat project in Baltimore years ago and we have seen how much it means to the recipients of the houses. It is wonderful that you do this amazing work. The ReStore is also a great idea- my daughter has found some great buys for the home she lives in at the one near her. God Bless you for doing so much for others who have less.

  4. As usual, you folks are to be commended for your efforts to be volunteers for HFH.... Keep up the good work, it makes a difference in peoples lives....

  5. May you continue to have fine weather for your volunteer work. It is great you guys help others with something that will last a lifetime.