Thursday, October 25, 2012

Camp Freightliner

Did you know there is a two class for Freightliner RV chassis owners?
Yep! - Its called 'Camp Freightliner'.  We attended a class at the Freighltliner Service Facility in Gaffney, SC. (Not located at the Freightliner Assembly Plant three miles away).
In a word, it was Great!

Some of the topics included:
  • Freightliner online account and how to access it
  • 2002, 2007 and 2010 emission information
  • Fuel filter and Fuel Water System information
  • Freightliner Air System - Air compressor, air dryer, primary and secondary tanks, leveling valves and air bags
  • Anti-brake System (ABS)
  • Transmissions and Engine brake operation
  • Tires and proper pressure 
  • Smart Wheel
  • Freightliner Light Bar Control Unit -LBCU (computer display on the dash)
  • Your RV specific details on one information page
  • Static display of stripped down chassis in the parking lot
We had 14 people in the class and eight different RV among us.  The class instructors (Mike and Scott) had specific individual information sheets printed out for each attendee's RV which included:
  • Chassis VIN and model #
  • Dashboard style
  • Size and specific tire information
  • Leveling
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Transmission
Mike has been the primary instruction at these course for years so he had a wealth of information.  Scott is well versed also because he has spent 30+ years at different Freightliner facilities.  They made a  good team.

The class was informal but organized and followed an outline.  And we received a big notebook with pictures and diagrams and reference material that was helpful.
We covered a lot of information and they tailored to the class members by say, "three people here have this kind of chassis, so this will apply…" or the reverse, "the only one in the class with individual front wheel suspension is …..".

We were able to stay in the parking lot where they had water and electric and a dump station we used when we left.
Lunch for both days and dinner the first night was provided, so that was nice.
While we attended the class, we decided to get some maintenance done at the Service Center.  They also weight rigs but we didn't realize that until after we were in and out of the bay so we missed that chance.  
Another service provide during the class was getting a list of fan belts, fuel filters and some other extras we decided to get.  That way if we brake down in the middle of nowhere and get towed to an out of the way place, we can have a the right part.

Scott took us outside and we took a close look at a chassis.  That was helpful as he pointed out different things we discussed during the class.
 It was a great way to gain some understanding of how our RV works and what is included in the "chassis".  If you are considering the Camp Freightliner course, I think you will find the $175/single $225/couple well spent.

Thanks for joining us on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time…


  1. I thought that was a very helpful blog..and the camp freightliner sounds intriguing...I'll make sure McGyver reads it...

  2. Heard so much great stuff about this class we plan on attending sometime next spring...

  3. Great info. We have a Freightliner chassis on our ALFA, so the course may well be something we want to do. We have a home on the Eastern Shore of MD and have been following the storm track with interest. Sounds like you guys should head inland shortly to be safe. Have fun RV'ing

  4. We're scheduled for the class in March ... good that they customize it some by pointing out who the information applies to.