Sunday, March 11, 2012

Roadrunner Financials - February 2012

Roadrunner Recap for February - 
February was a great month though we were a little over budget.  We finished up our time at Key West.  We arrived a couple of days before Christmas and stayed over seven weeks.  Key West is one of my favorite places.  We will be back!

From Key West, we made our way up to Fort Myers.  We have friends whom we wanted to see there and in Naples.  February is 'in season' for snowbirds here in Florida and it took us a while to find a place. Our first three choices were full.  We ended up at a nice resort in Naples.  Also in February, we had one night in a Walmart parking lot, one night at a casino parking lot (both free of charge) and spent eight nights at Patrick AFB (east coast near Cocoa Beach).

While there I dinged the coach and put an 8" crack in the fiberglass side of the coach near the bottom of the front door and steps.  We left Patrick AFB and took it to an RV service center in Kissimee to get it fixed.  While the coach was there, we spent three nights with good friends in Orlando.

The RV technician was not real confident how to fix it but the estimate was $2600.  We went ahead with the claim and got the check (minus the $800 deduction). We decided to take the coach to the Tiffin Service Center/Factory in Red Bay AL.  We had two nights en route at Maxwell AFB Famcamp and then spent the rest of the month (a total of 10 days) in Red Bay.

For February we travelled about 1253 miles.  That was far different from January when we stayed put in Key West with zero miles.
Good News Where We Are Under Budget - 
The biggest area where we were under budget  ($232.28) for the month was in Campground fees.  
Biggest Expenses For the Month - 
Our biggest expenses were for fuel (a total of $866.63) and I bought a new suit ($238.10) for an upcoming wedding.  The good thing about needing a new suit was is that I have lost 25+ pounds and my suit jackets and pants 'hang' on me so I had to get a new one.
Large 'One Time Cost' Item -
We replaced our old fold up BBQ table with an aluminum fold up table that cost $68.46.  This one should last indefinitely.

Here are the numbers of my Budget vs Actual cost items for Feb 2012:

I need to adjust my budget for the Verizon/Internet bill.  The days of $29/month for good service are over.  I think the new normal for us is closer to $85 for internet and about $115 for phone service.   

That it for today on the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thanks for joining us.  Until next time...  


  1. I do believe EVERYONE is having to adjust their monthly budgets..The price of just groceries for 2 is enough to make you lose weight..congrats, by the way..I assume you are feeling very light and airy now :-))

  2. 25 lbs lost - way to go!! And you did really good on expenses considering you were in the Keys.

  3. Really informative to see your budgets and totals. Thanks! And congrats on the weight loss. My Randy has also lost 25 lbs but I cannot seem to lose although we eat the same food (since I do all the cooking and we don't eat out a lot!). Oh well.


  4. Having to buy clothes because of weight loss is a good thing; congratulations. And thanks for sharing the financials; always interesting to see how budgets shake out.

  5. We really appreciate you sharing such personal information as your budget. Eldy studied this stuff for years to figure out if full timing was an affordable lifestyle once he retired. Without seeing such information, it's hard for the average person to know what things cost while you are out on the road. Our budget is very similar...PS. where did you stay in Naples? That's one of our favorite stops over the winter. We were there for the month of December this year.