Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Key West Eatery's

Key West (and the Lower Keys) has some great places to eat.  When Adam and Kelly were here with us over Christmas, we had to find a vegan restaurant and ended up at the Old Town Mexican Cafe on Duval Street.
As we would expect, it was a little different than the Mexican food of New Mexico. It was not spectacular still good.

One morning we went downtown early to get our picture taken at the Southernmost Point buoy/marker.
Around the corner we found the Southernmost Beach Cafe and had breakfast.  We will be going there again.  The prices and food were surprisingly good and the view on the beach in the morning was great!

One place I knew we had to go while in Key West was Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Restaurant and Store.  It is also on Duval Street.
The food here was also good and the prices were not bad here either.  (They make up for it in the Margaritaville Store with the T-Shirts though…)  They were a little pricey.

After our first Sunset Celebration on Mallory Square with Marge and George, they took us to Kelly's on Whitehead Street.  At one time this place was owned by Kelly McGillis of Tom Cruise and Top Gun fame.
We got a table on the lighted back patio yard and the atmosphere was great!  And the seafood sampler was even better!

Down the keys at Key Big Pine (40 miles away from Key West) we went to the No Name Saloon and Bar after we visited the Sunday Flea Market.  We had heard about this interesting place from George and Marge.
It has a reputation for great pizza.  We settled on 'Nachos for Two' which was fine.  It the cuisine is mostly bar food.  The real draw is the reputation and history of the place.

Another great area in Key West known for good appetizers and bar food is Alonzo's Oyster Bar on the Harbor Walk.  Our table on the waterfront was right behind where the guy is standing with the shoulder bag.  A&B (Alonzo and Berlin) owned the place at one time.  B (Berlin's) is upstairs and offers a more formal dinner setting.
This place has great seafood and during happy hour (4-6 PM) drinks and a lot of food is 1/2 price!  The shrimp and the oysters did not disappoint!

Key West has a lot of great places to eat and we will no doubt check out a few more.

What are some places you'd recommend?

That is it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks for joining us!  And thanks to the many new 'blogger friends' that have signed up - we appreciate you all and especially those that leave comments.  Those are always fun!

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  1. Definitely go to the Hogfish Bar and Grill and have the Hogfish sandwich.

    We never made it to the Hogfish grill, but did go to the Geiger Key Restaurant (which is owned by the same people). It is a very nice restaurant with a beautiful waterfront view. There is a lovely campground right next door and a forgotten beach down the road and across from NAS Key West.

    We were in the Keys after Christmas and loved it so much we'll going back for a month in March. We didn't spend much time in Key West due to the crowds at that time, but will definitely go back and try some of the places you recommended.

    We loved kayaking in the Keys. Can't wait to get back.

  2. Southernmost Beach looks lovely. What a nice idea...a restraint tour. We have friends down in that area. I am going to pass your blog on to them. I am sure they would enjoy visiting some of these places. Good job!

  3. wow sounds like you ventured into some excellent eating spots...the keys are a gorgeous area...

  4. you have hit some great restaurants!..eating your way through Florida!.now that is the way to spend the winter!!!

  5. We visited the Keys years ago, before we were RVing. I have looked at some RV parks along the keys but boy they sure are expensive. We would like to spend a few months down there but the prices are ridiculous! But we did love our visit there.

  6. Mostly we hit the bars and had oysters, which I discovered that I liked them raw with a cracker and chili sauce..I'm writing down the ones you recommend and hope to be able to actually USE the list someday!

  7. For the most amazing chicken wings you have ever eaten, try happy hour at Kelly’s Caribbean Bar, Grill, and Brewery. I also had a coconut shrimp there that was fantastic! My favorite breakfast of all time was at the Banana Cafe on Duval street. Key lime crepes to die for and perfect cappuccino. Last but not least, the one meal I still fantasize about is actually in the middle keys at Islamorada. "Lazy Days Restaurant" is on the ocean side of the road. I had crab stuffed shrimp with key lime butter and red rice. sigh. Never had anything quite that good anywhere else. ever.

  8. Thanks for the great memories of Key West and it did not feel the least bit fattening:)

  9. Here we are in Eunice Southern La and we just met Ann and Wayne that are on their way to Key West. What a small world we all live in...traveling the USA. They are traveling in a Tiffin Open Road towing a Jeep Liberty.

  10. Thanks for the list of eating establishments. If we are ever lucky enough to get down to the Keys we'll be sure to look some of those spots up.

  11. Hi there. My hubby and I are very much enjoying your blog on Key West. We live in Alabama so it would be too far to drive. We've been told by out RV friends that campgrounds are very expensive there. We have a C class. Could you weigh in on the cost as well as how long we would need to stay to taste the flavor of the culture?
    Jeanne and Ed Gaffney