Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle at Key West

We have been in Key West about 10 days now and intend to be here through the month of January and into the first week of February.  In a word---It is Nice!

We are staying at the Key West Navy Base, specifically Sigsbee RV Campground.  I wasn't entirely clear about that in my last post, but we are staying at a Military Campground on base which means it requires an active duty or retired military ID card.

The have a about 200 RVs here with probably 300 sites.  Most of the sites are for dry camping with no water, electric or sewer.  But there is a nice dump station with easy access and there are a couple of easy access places to get water.

The campground does have some full hook up sites in a couple of locations on the base about a mile apart.  The process is to sign in, pick out a dry camping space and wait your turn to cycle into the full hook up sites.  The maximum stay for full hookups is two weeks if there is a waiting list.

It took us 10 days to get into full hookups but we were hoping to stay longer at our first spot.  It was on the water and worked well for us.  But when our number comes up, we have to move.  That makes it good for everyone.  All get to share in the front row, on-the-water sites.
The spaces are well marked so there is no question about you and your neighbor's area.
Like I said - we were right on the water.

When our number came up yesterday we moved a couple hundred yards onto a concrete hardpan with full hookups and 100 feet from the laundry and showers.  We also have more room between campsites.

While here in Key West we have enjoyed the weather immensely.  Right now it is cool and windy (low to mid 60's) but over the last 10 days it has been unseasonably warm (mid to high 70's).  Like beach time, suntan warm--
And we have spent time at this beach over at the Key West Naval Air Station marina at Boca Chica about six miles from the campground.

We have also spent some time biking.  Pam and I loaded our bikes in the car and went along the south side of the island for a picnic and bike ride the other day.  The southside of town has a nice bike path on the water.
And I have had a couple of early morning 12 mile bike rides around the island from our campground.
And a few days ago, Pam and I made it to a tourist spot near downtown Key West.
The Southermost Point in the continental USA is a favorite place for a photo op.  In the first few days we were here, the line was really long and crowded so we had to come back another day and get there a little after 7:30 AM.

Adam and Kelly returned to DC and Virginia Beach a few days ago.  It was great to have them with us for a week and to enjoy our time together.  I am back at my online work($$) and will be busy for the next few days getting some deliverables done, then we will have more time to explore beautiful Key West!

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Until next time…


  1. The keys is one of the places on this earth I consider heavenly...enjoy your stay there the base camp looks wonderful..we are over (finally) by seabring..but its chilly here right now..hopefully this cold snap will soon disappear...

  2. Thanks for the tour. It looks like a real nice place to stay. Wish we could get on base, but being Air Force "brats" doesn't qualify us. :)

    We're just a few miles away on Big Pine Key and loving this weather.

  3. glad you are enjoying your time on the Keys!..even doing the touristy things is fun!!..enjoy the sunshine..looks pretty darn nice as I look out to yet another dark and rainy day!!

  4. 12 mile bike are very ambitious! Your first spot was HUGE! Glad the weather is great and you are enjoying the beautiful surroundings!

  5. We stayed there a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Have fun!

  6. Thanks for the info..Den was Air Force but not retired...My Uncle was retired Master Sergeant long ago...I love the keys and hope to get back there someday!! Have fun in the sun.

  7. Mo just asked me yesterday where you two were staying in Key West and I didn't know. Thanks for answering that question, Randy, especially with the details. We planned on checking on MFC's in the area for a possible stay next year. Sounds great!

  8. Thanks for the explanation, it helped a lot. We hope to do the same plan in a few years, love the Keys! Great photos, thanks for sharing.

  9. Haven't seen The Keys since our Honeymoon in July of 01. It was beautiful in the summer and probably more alluring at this time of year. Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  10. We have friends who live on a houseboat somewhere in the Keys -- we hope to visit them someday. Enjoy!

  11. Looks like a beautiful spot. Those beaches look great. I've always wanted to visit the Florida Keys but as yet haven't been there.

  12. if you haven't already, don't forget to share a frozen key lime pie on a stick at Kermit's.

  13. Looks like a really nice campground. Right on the water too. Wish we were ex military, but, alas not here, only in South Africa. Enjoy!

  14. I love the sound of all the wonderful biking in the area. Happy you are having a great time and enjoying the nice weather.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. ahhh... we are about 6 miles north of you staying in a friends house... tough life down here isn't it???