Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roadrunner Reflections: First 20 Days in Florida

We are in Florida for the winter.  We crossed the border and have been in the state since December 2.  We love it here and some things have impressed me about the state:

  1. They are glad to see us.  Florida loves visitors.  At the first Welcome Center and everywhere else we have felt nothing but a friendly response.
  2. It is warm here.  Unseasonably warm at the moment.  Which is completely fine with us.  We hoped it would be nice and it is.
  3. The breezes are nice.  Everyday we have a little wind and the gentle breezes are great.  One of life's pleasures - a warm day and a gentle breeze.
  4. The oranges are cheap here.  Yeah - no surprise there but the oranges and grapefruit are great and they don't cost much.  At the Welcome Center, the OJ was free!
  5. They have good flea markets here.  We visited the one in Dade City and another a few days ago in Hialeah and thought they were both very good.
  6. The highways are great.  The roads we have traveled from Jacksonville to Tampa to Miami have been quite impressive.  They maintain them well.
  7. The mow the aprons along the highways.  This tells me that the state budget is holding up pretty well since they mow along the highways and dividers.  Some states we have visited in the last couple of years have quit doing that.
  8. Rest areas are nice.  In fact, in some stretches of highway, they are building huge, new, nice rest stops.  Again, the state is doing some things to attract more visitors.
  9. There are a lot of snow birds here.  Yeah - no surprise there.  It is crowded most every where so we will avoid Walmart at mid day and yesterday we got caught in commuter traffic from Miami.  
  10. The campgrounds have been good.  We are in Miami now at a City Park (Larry and Penny Thompson) and it is not yet full.  It is $32 a night and one that we definitely will come back to.
The kids flew in yesterday from BWI and we are going to spend a couple of days here before we head down to the Keys for Christmas.  Hope you all are enjoying friends and family and this time of the year.

Thanks for dropping us a note / comment.  And thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Glad the kids got in safely! Sounds like you two have found least for the winter. Enjoy your visit with the family. Merry Christmas.

  2. Enjoy the Keys! I look forward to your postings and pictures. We lived in Marathon for 12 years...a great place to be in the winter!

  3. wow nice rate this time of year... may have to call and see if they have availability for Jan 22nd for an extended stay... glad you are enjoying sunny Florida I know we are...

  4. Welcome to our home state ~ we definately love visitors and glad your havin' fun in the Sunshine State!!! Happy Holidays!!!
    Travel safe

  5. Happy Holidays to you, Randy and Pam!..may your Christmas season be filled with love and happiness!!..enjoy your time with Adam and Kelly!!..

  6. When you say 'BWI' do you mean British West Indies? Just wondering as I am very familiar with some of the islands.

  7. After the last couple cool winters in Texas, Florida is sounding better all the time..

  8. Sounds wonderful, Randy, especially with your kids joining you for Christmas. I keep saying, one of these years we are going to winter in Florida with the MoHo

  9. We lived in Florida 14 years and even if the budget is bad - those highways get mowed. Tourism is the biggest industry :)

  10. Looks like you are enjoying the lovely Florida temperatures and keys will be awesome!

  11. Happy Holiday from all the folks at Frying Pan Farm Park. Have a safe and wonderful New Year! We all enjoy checking in on your adventures.

  12. Just discovered your blog! How can I resist a blog by Randy & Pam?
    Randy & Pam Ryan

  13. I thought of you and this post again today after driving California's Highways 101 and I-5. Sure made me miss those sweet, glass smooth Florida highways. I would gladly pay the toll fees for roads like those.

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