Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tires & Friday Night HS Football

According to our Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring System, I have a tire that is a bit under inflated. I called our RV factory rep at Tiffin motorhomes and asked if our air compressor connection under the driver seat would inflate our large RV tires. He said, ' yes, but it is going to take a while, it is going to take some time.' I took that to mean that was not a very good option.

I remember Howard ( recommended a Sears Craftsman 1.5 gal 150 psi air compressor and found the nearest Sears store that had one in stock. Cost $99.00
I also picked up a Slime digital tire gauge, (model 20071) at Walmart for under $20 though it is listed for $24.99 online.

I spent a while removing each Pressure Pro sensor and filling up my tires. I did the Honda first then did all the Roadrunner tires except the outside rear tire that are a little tougher to get to. I will probably finish up the first of next week.

Later in the day, we went over to Kelly's house. I walked Ed while Pam was doing some wash and cooking dinner. After dinner we went to our first Texas High School football game.

The Lake Highlands Wildcats were playing the W.T. White Longhorns for their Homecoming. It was a lopsided game but it was fun being there. The opening ceremonies were quite a sight. Kind of like college games. The stands were full for the home team (Lake Highlands) but pretty empty for the Longhorns.Lake Highlands had some pretty big plays including one that laid out a ref for a few minutes. Half time was really quite a production. Not only did these kids move all over the field, they played some tunes from Phantom of the Opera.
W.T. White had a smaller group of kids at halftime.We sat near our friends John and Posey (whom we met at our Santa Fe Habitat project last month). They have a son-in-law who is the head football coach at Lake Highlands HS and we able to get us tickets. Kelly is involved with Young Life at the HS and the nearby Junior High and was there with some of those kids. She stopped by to say 'hi'.
It was fun to see what goes on on Friday night in Texas at football games. They are a big deal. Lots of family and young kids too. Great place to spend the evening. Lake Highlands was ahead 40-0 so we left shortly after half time and made it back to our campsite.

That closes out another day in the Roadrunner Chronicles. Thank you for viewing our travels.

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  1. Love the bands at football games. We spent 8 years sitting through half times with the kids. What a great time!