Saturday, November 10, 2007

Active Pursuit: RVing Full Time

We got started on this process by talking about where we would go when our two kids were finished with high school. We have always liked camping and campgrounds. We have tent camped since the 1970's. We went to an RV show years ago. Even before that, in the early 1980's, we bought a Volkswagon campervan. It worked fine as we traveled in Europe and later throughout the southern states.

After we reached 50, we began thinking about 'where we wanted to end up'. The kids have both finished college--- and we still haven't answered the question of where we want to end up.. One thought was trying to anticipate where our kids would live and be near them. But could not get away from the fact that as soon as we moved, there was always a chance they would move out of the area. So that did not appeal to us.

We also thought was being near warm country where we could play golf. Other considerations included the beach, but we also like the mountains. We have spent time on the Gulf Coast (Texas and Florida)and in Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach. We have thought seriously about Albuquerque, Orlando and other places. But can't decide where to relocate. As the years roll by, we are no closer to making a decision.

As we discuss and plan our future, we recently decided to go to an RV dealer again. We want to see if we could warm up to the idea of buying an RV and travelling. We went to a few in the region and spent some time at each place. That hooked us on the idea. Here are three locations we have recently visited: - off Rt 15 near Thurmont MD in Ashland VA off I-95

Wow! Actually spending some time with each dealer and checking out floorplans and all the other considerations--- it has been an eye-opener. We have gotten more and more comfortable with the idea. Now the adventure has began in earnest!

The idea of moving out of our 2100 sq ft home and into a 400 sq ft home on wheels is a big decision. We don't want to go through this whole transition and find out we made a big mistake. We want to ask ourselves all the questions we can think of and find out as much information as we can before we commit to this.

At this point we are seriously pursuing it. This idea enthralls us. It seems more and more right as we find out more information. It gives us an exciting goal to shoot for and give has many side benefits for a relatively young retirement age couple. We are both in our mid 50's. Maybe after we travel a bit we can see an area that appeals to us and find the location of where we want to settle down.

I will save that for another time.

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